Magento 2 + Allegro module

Managing sales on multiple platforms has just got a lot easier. We’ve created a Magento 2 module that allows you to integrate your eCommerce with Allegro. With 20 million users and over 1 million items sold every day, Allegro is a key marketplace for many Polish merchants. Now you can create a seamless eCommerce ecosystem for your brand.

Allegro and Magento2 module_ open source Magento

Direct access to 20 million consumers

The Magento 2 and Allegro integration, built entirely by Macopedia, allows you to manage your Allegro sales directly in your Magento dashboard. There’s no need to use any additional tools: Allegro and Magento will communicate with each other via APIs.

This bidirectional integration is available on Github as an open-source module: we want to develop it together with the OS community and different eCommerce partners.

Github View on Github

  • Grow your business

    Add Poland’s biggest marketplace to your sales channels

  • One dashboard for two platforms

    Manage your Allegro orders within your Magento store

  • Keep your inventory in check

    Inventory levels will be synced between Magento and Allegro

  • Maintain high standards for your customers

    Great customer experience guaranteed

    Keep your clients updated about their orders: delivery status notifications will be imported from Magento to Allegro. All of your payment and delivery methods will be available across both platforms. Any changes you make to your prices, promotions or product descriptions within your Magento dashboard will be immediately available for your Allegro clients.

  • Manage multiple Allegro accounts

    Streamline your processes

    This integration allows you to manage several Allegro accounts and create multiple auctions without hassle. All of your Allegro operations can be managed in one place.

  • Partner with us!

    Work with the experts

    Get in touch with Macopedia, if you want to become a partner of the first integration between Magento 2 and Allegro. You’ll have a real impact on the roadmap of this integration and gain early access to its new features.

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