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Design defines how the product looks but also how it feels to use it. It’s time to map out the structure of your digital product, design interactions and the interface. Every step of the way is accompanied by usability tests, making sure the UX is on point. The result? An engaging digital experience that reflects your brand personality and delivers the best customer experience to your clients.

Product design process at Macopedia is based on a profound understanding of your customers’ needs. See, when it comes to designing high-converting apps, being informed is as important as being inspired. We aim to be both, for the sake of your project’s success.

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UX Audit

A user experience audit allows us to understand the current state of your product, whether it’s an eCommerce or an app. We’ll be able to reveal what is working and what needs some improvement. This stage is critical when we’re building upon existing services.

User-centered design backed with analytics

In order to put your customers at the heart of the process, we need to know how they behave online. The most reliable way to do that is to look at the analytics and draw insights from conversion reports, heatmaps or visitor recordings. Tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar or Adobe Analytics will help us better understand the needs and challenges of your target audience.

Information Architecture

Our goal is to organize the content of your app so that it feels natural to the customers. There’s no denying it: the overall user experience often depends on good information architecture, especially in eCommerce. This is why we make sure to carefully plan your app’s IA, based on your business goals and the data we gathered.

High-fidelity Prototypes

We usually develop high-fidelity (hi-fi) prototypes quite early in the process. See, lo-fi wireframes are great for sketching things out during the discovery workshop, but we prefer to create colorful, interactive prototypes during the product design stage. It’s efficient, especially when we’re working with brands that have an established CI. Such prototypes allow you to better visualize the end result, so the feedback process is extremely efficient.

Usability Testing

Evaluating the design before implementing it is a proven way to create a more successful product (and save some money in the process). From early concepts to UI designs, we’ll ask users for feedback regularly: it’s also a key aspect of our iterative approach to software development.

UX / UI Design

We design eCommerces and apps that tick both boxes: they look good and deliver value to the customers. That’s the result of paying attention to user goals and UX best practices when creating an interface. On top of that, we aim to add some delightful brand moments to your product. Your brand has a personality that should be conveyed online as well.

Product Backlog & Milestones

Alongside the design efforts, we’re working on defining your product’s backlog and identifying milestones in the development process. You’ll have a clear plan of action that can be shared with the stakeholders together with the UI of your product.

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