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When choosing a technology partner for your brand, you’re probably looking at a variety of aspects, but technical expertise will always be at the very core of your analysis. Add to that some industry experience, a dose of creativity, plus a low-turnover, motivated team, and you’ll have a winner right there.

Over 100 companies have chosen Macopedia to be their technology vendor for the long haul. One thing that often tips the scale in our favor is the fact that our team is really versatile technology-wise. We’ve delivered eCommerces, PWAs or AI-driven solutions. Need to create a whole digital ecosystem? We’re no strangers to ERP, PIM, WMS, or CRM systems.

Here’s what we have to offer when it comes to software & apps development:

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Not all online shops are created equal. Implementing eCommerces for clients across different verticals ( healthcare, education, fashion, beauty, luxury) has taught us that each industry comes with a specific set of needs or regulations and different buyer journeys. We get them: we’ve been building B2B & B2C eCommerces for over 10 years.

Web Development

Customers want to achieve their goals fast, with minimal hassle and on any device that’s at hand. This is why, when working on web apps, we’re thinking mobile-first and suggesting solutions that feel lightweight to the end user. Working with a powerful CMS, TYPO3, we’re able to implement custom apps of various scales, including multi-language enterprise services.

Progressive Web Apps

For the ultimate mobile-first experience, we’re committed to Progressive Web Apps (PWA), that are tailored for both: eCommerces and web apps. They’re combining the editing flexibility of web apps with great browsing experience of native mobile applications. PWAs are also praised for their business value: improved customer experience equals higher conversion rates.

Mobile Development

When we’re tasked with building a native mobile app, we suggest a cross-platform approach. Working with Vue Native allows us to create apps for iOS and Android devices with a single codebase. It’s a major time & cost saver during the development stage.

Back office Systems

In order to streamline the operations, you might need a set of additional tools to manage different aspects of your business. Whether it’s managing product information with PIM, storing business data in ERP or transmitting data between systems with a service bus: we can help you integrate and customize these solutions as well.

AI Development

AI-driven solutions can enrich your digital product in a way that feels natural to the users. Recommendation engines, localized experiences or virtual assistants will improve customer experience and delight your target audience. That level of personalization has been reserved for brick-and-mortars, but it’s now available to online vendors as well. Don’t miss out on that opportunity!

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