Benefit Systems

250k new users on a consumer-facing MultiSport platform of a B2B brand.


Benefit systems is a company offering various types of employee benefits to their B2B partners. Their most recognizable product, a MultiSport card, is used by over 1 million people to access thousands of sports facilities.

Benefit systems approached us in 2017 to start working on a series of consumer-facing projects, in order to strengthen their relationship with people using MultiSport cards.


Create engaging digital experiences for the end-consumers as a B2B brand.


We created a platform where Benefit Systems can connect directly with individual MultiSport card users. This website, based on TYPO3 CMS, offers consumer-facing content and promotional offers. Macopedia was responsible for designing and developing the platform.

The most exciting part of the new consumer-oriented website is a gamified app. It’s aimed at engaging users during the slower summer season. The Multisport Summer Game allows people to collect points in exchange for physical activities, engaging with website’s content or recommending the game to friends. These points can be used to claim valuable rewards or contribute to charity causes.



Lightweight search engine

We developed a mobile-first search engine for users who need to find the nearest Multisport-friendly facility while on the go.

Efficient prototyping

When designing the platform, we relied on hi-fi interactive prototypes which allowed for rapid iterations and sped up the feedback process.

I’ve been working with Macopedia on the Multisport platform for the past 2 years. It’s a key project for us, as it is the first channel that allows us to directly reach the end-users of our Multisport card. This is why we’ve chosen a reliable business partner who delivers full-stack services.

Justyna Sznajder, Product Owner, PMO team, Benefit Systems


The Multisport Summer Game 2018 turned out to be a huge success with 100k people actively taking part in the competition and 250k new users joining the platform. The client was so happy with the results that they decided to repeat the campaign in 2019.

Macopedia remains Benefit Systems’ sole technology partner, taking care of all of their digital projects. We’re extremely proud of this partnership, as it allows us to contribute our technical know-how to diverse and challenging initiatives.

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