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Hello, we are #Macopeople

People over <code>

Maco Manifesto

First of all, we are a team, #macoteam. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by helping each other grow. We perceive ourselves not only as professionals but most importantly as human beings.

Therefore while we value items on the right, we value the items on the left more:


over enthusiasm.


over current trends.

Respectful honesty

over formal relationships.


over hyped solutions.

Continuous improvement

over curiosity.

Passion, quality and trust are our keys to success.
Today and everyday we are proud to choose people over code.

“We work on a partnership basis, so we have a real impact on the development of projects. From the very beginning when I was an intern (that's 8 years ago!) I had a big part in the development of the company, and my suggestions and ideas were implemented (ok, almost all of them ;)).”

Jakub, Lead Magento Developer

Jakub Lead Magento Developer

Perks and benefits

  • Self-development budget

    Up to 3000 PLN per year for your growth

  • Paid days off and sick leaves

    All of our employees are eligible for paid days off and sick leaves

  • Flexible working hours / remote work

    Our employees choose which working hours, and workplace are the best for them. Keeping in mind the project needs, of course :)

  • English & German Classes

    Our employees can take language classes once a week

  • Health support

    LUXMed and Multisport subsidies

  • Mentoring program

    1:1 meetings which make sense, read more

  • Office goodies

    Like Ps5, and lunch on a celebration day, fresh fruits and snacks

  • Occasional benefits

    Such as paternity leave, bonuses and birthday gifts

  • Team-Building trips

    Means opportunities to spend time together in interesting places


We code in PHP, JavaScript and Python. On a daily basis we work on technologies and frameworks such as:

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We're open source enthusiasts

Check out our GitHub repositories!

Open source is a vital part of work at Macopedia. Not only do we use open source software to develop systems for our clients, but we are also co-creators of such solutions ourselves.

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