IT consulting and strategy implementation for 
increasing your chances of excellent results

Encourage innovation in your business with unique perspectives and project-specific expertise.

Reach out to a digital transformation company to plan ahead and maximize your business' success

Do you have an idea in mind? Let us take care of the details. If your business needs advice on how to start a new application or build a technological strategy and define roadmaps, our tech consultants are ready to assist you. We have extensive experience in working on the project from scratch, providing clients with a detailed picture of the future product. We use agile software development to establish an optimal workflow and prioritize features, leaving room for international expansion and business scaling. As a part of our strategic consulting, we also study the competitive landscape carefully and advise you on automation and optimization of manual processes in your organization. After that, we can start working right away to deliver you the appropriate product depending on your industry and the functions of the company.

Consultancy process flow

Consultancy process flow

Business consulting is more than giving advice. Discovery phase, business analysis and scoping sessions enable us to understand your product vision and audience, set up IT infrastructures, and propose technology solutions that meet specifics of the target market. We partner with enterprises to achieve their most complex goals through technology, combining proven experience in digital product development with agile skill set.

The trend of digitization and automation encourages companies to use consulting services. Consult our team now and try our digital services!

Why IT consulting services and digital commerce strategy?

Cost-efficient environment

A proper business plan and tech strategy enable optimization of resources as well as product development costs.

Instant solutions

Technology consultants can provide instant assistance and create a unique product strategy to reach your target audience.

Competitive advantage

Build innovative products by implementing modern technology and growth strategy.

Save time

You can do more thoughtful work, while your technical consultant will be analyzing data and mastering your real-time strategy.

Fresh perspective

Making the right choices can be tough. Consultants come into a situation with fresh eyes and can more easily find a solution.

Problem solving

IT consultants provide a wide range of services to identify potential weaknesses or security issues.

Project management

Consulting company will enter priority paths, apply standardization and automation of core business processes.

Expert opinion

Business leaders are interested in strategic planning as consultants provide best practices & tactics, choosing the best option for their business models.

Boost productivity

Companies can leverage the expertise of IT consultants to enhance their own productivity and efficiency.

Tech consulting & business strategies that will help your business get on the right track

Did you know that many online businesses fail due to rising demands of the company's consumers? Are you aware that mobile apps or web-based applications written in outdated languages become more expensive with every year? In today's complex world, you have to continue working towards steady growth, and capture new market share opportunities. We know that it can be difficult to adopt the latest technologies and newest expectations. Once you encounter difficulties to catch up with the competition and start to realize that your existing application could perform better, think about our advisory services and engineering expertise. We provide professional guidance on many aspects of your business and detect missed opportunities. Let us help you take a step towards digital transformation. We’re the right software development partner for you.

Strategy development and consulting solutions are what you need to drive impact for your brand. We bring technology to the core of your projects & support you in the best possible way. To ensure successful fulfillment of client’s needs, we engage you into constant communication. Our consultants and technology advisors cooperate closely with companies across industries in order to rebuild apps or recommend new features, process improvements and system integration which are required to successful online retail and optimal customer experience. If help is needed, we provide professional consultancy services and craft a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy for your business to grow. Bring new value to both, staff and potential customers! Scale, improve and optimize operations with an executive team of IT strategy consultants!

Our featured projects in consulting and digital commerce strategy

  • Dedicated product team at your service

    Our team of 80+ specialists will transform your business and support you at every stage of development to ensure optimal performance. We are IT consultants, business analysts, e-commerce experts and certified software developers.

  • Client first. We treat each cooperation individually

    We respect your processes. We will acknowledge your project’s custom requirements and combine them with best strategies for every industry: education, fashion, sports & entertainment, travel & logistics, FMCG, or healthcare & beauty.

  • We build fast and right

    We deliver approaches and long-term directions necessary for smooth deployment. Combining our strong commitment to quality with proven digital transformation processes and open-source mindset, we will help your business run fast and smooth. Digital solutions we create together with our clients are complex in functionality, but easy to use. Get the job done right!

  • We are agile and transparent

    Having worked with business leaders from various industries, we have learned to adapt to new challenges quickly. Agile project management enables us to reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership, establish a secure development process, and ensure on-time delivery and operational transparency. We value close collaboration and open communication above all.

  • Proven expertise. Because results matter

    Our competencies are the result of over 10 years of software development practice. With 100+ delivered IT projects, we have the extensive expertise required to point you in the most suitable direction and discover scaling opportunities.

  • Full-cycle development on your terms

    We're here for you to provide consulting services from the idea all the way to the market. Every project starts with a discovery phase. After a detailed business analysis we present you with a variety of recommendations, guiding you on choosing technologies, planning strategies, end-to-end implementation, integration, optimization, ongoing support (even after launch).

Any sector, any software development need. We offer comprehensive services, support and technical knowledge to partners in the most innovative industries.

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