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A user-friendly client portal for millions of language teachers and learners.

  • Consulting and digital commerce strategy
Pearson website

Pearson, a renowned provider of educational content, is focused on building a strong relationship with millions of language learners and teachers visiting their sites every day. We were asked to create a robust client portal for Pearson Central Europe.

Pearson website


Create a new platform with intuitive registration paths for different groups of users.



    In order to create a new client portal for Pearson, we had to use an enterprise-level, yet flexible content management system. We went with TYPO3 CMS, as it allowed us to build apps for multiple markets within one platform.

  • Custom Sign-Up Paths for Teachers and Students: Streamlined User Experience and Easy Event Management

    We created dedicated sign up paths for two groups of users: teachers and students, each group having access to different materials. We’ve implemented a single sign-on process in order to improve the UX and allow people to smoothly move between different apps offered by Pearson. Registered users are also able to sign up for different events organized by Pearson. Key details of these events (attendee lists, agendas) can be managed by Pearson team directly in their CMS.

“They are led by a very impressive technology directory, and have a team of experienced developers who are very focused and knowledgeable. I was also impressed by their use of agile methodology and focus during scrum sprints.”

Piotr Lapiński, eMarketing Manager
Pearson Central Europe


The client portal was launched successfully and integrated with Pearson’s ecosystem.

Our involvement in this project received the highest possible score (5/5) on Clutch, a website where companies rate technology vendors.

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