Headless TYPO3 & PWA

Benefit Systems

An engaging website for MultiSport cardholders built in a matter of weeks.


We’ve been Benefit Systems’ key tech partner since 2016. Together, we’re working on projects that delight their client base. This program is best known for giving people access to thousands of sports facilities, but the offer is much broader. For instance, MultiSport cardholders can use city bikes, download ebooks, or even learn languages. Naturally, Benefit Systems wanted to ensure that their clients are aware of these possibilities, so they asked us to refresh their client-facing website.


Build a lightweight mobile-first website with a robust CMS.


The project was first kicked off at the beginning of 2020. However, as the nation-wide lockdown was introduced, we had to adapt our strategy to the new reality. Benefit Systems rolled out a series of virtual services such as video consultations with dieticians and fitness experts or virtual workout sessions. Our job was to quickly implement technical solutions that would allow people to, e.g., book their appointments.

Once the pandemic-related restrictions were partially lifted, we continued the project at full speed. The critical aspect was to migrate all users to the new platform and make sure they can access all new features. We agreed to utilize TYPO3PWA to make the website very fast on mobile devices yet easy to manage from the admin standpoint. The PWA we built using Vue.js and Nuxt.js feels like a mobile app to the users, can be accessed offline, and is SEO-friendly.

In order to withstand a lot of traffic, the platform’s infrastructure needed to be scalable and performant. Our DevOps team worked hand in hand with the client to build a lightweight containerized infrastructure using Docker. We utilized Kubernetes to create an automated deployment process for the website.



Headless technology

Using our signature TYPO3 Headless & PWA technology allowed us to stay flexible and connect the TYPO3-powered backend with a frontend app built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js.

Efficient process

Thanks to a transparent, collaborative Scrum process, we were able to complete the bulk of the work within weeks.


Benefit Systems’ clients quickly noticed the convenience of using the new website. A couple of days after the launch, the client saw a record number of gym visits booked via the app.

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