A long-term relationship dedicated to implementing global eCommerce strategy


MyBudapester, a designer shoe retailer based in Germany, approached us when looking for a long-term technology partner. They had a very ambitious strategy for global growth which had to go hand in hand with developing their online offering. We’ve been working together for the past 4 years, continuously improving their online customer experience.


Support MyBudapester in their rapid global expansion.


In order to prepare MyBudapester’s eCommerce for entering international markets, we had to work on multi-language support for their Magento-based store. The global aspect of MyBudapester’s strategy also required us to plan for different currencies and tax compliance.

On top of that, we’ve optimized the store for SEO and made sure it was ready to withstand global traffic. Magento performance optimization allowed us to welcome new visitors without having to worry about any downtime.

They're eager and motivated to achieve their goals. When they know that we’ll be facing huge traffic on the website, they’re always there. We have a good relationship with Macopedia, and I really care about it.

Sylwia Jóźwik, Project Manager, ASLuxury GmbH


Four years ago, when our partnership began, MyBudapester was recognized mostly on the German market. Since the launch of their global eCommerce, they’ve become an international household name with customers all over the world.

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