Web app


Brand personality expressed in an elegant website for mobile users.


DESIGNREISEN is a German travel company offering luxurious trips filled with hand-picked attractions. Their attention to detail and superior customer service needed to be reflected in their online presence. They partnered with Macopedia to breathe new life into their website.


Convey a sense of luxury in a fully responsive web app.


We managed to create a UI design that feels classy and current at the same time. An interactive destination map is meant to engage visitors with a playful experience. The website can be browsed comfortably on mobile devices as well. Thanks to Solr, an open-source search platform, users get to easily access the desired content on the website.

The CMS we used, TYPO3, allowed us to implement several integrations: the site is connected to a booking system and email marketing software. Even though the site itself is visual-rich, optimization techniques helped us to speed up the loading time.



TYPO3 Awards

The website was also recognized by the industry, receiving a nomination to TYPO3 Award, a distinction for the best TYPO3-based web projects.

Great Optimization

Skillful optimization means fast loading of content. Solr, an open-source search engine, also makes it easier to navigate the page.

Our former website was no longer state of the Art in our view – it was very static and not responsive. The integration of feature-rich extensions and optimization possibilities definitely speak in favor of TYPO3. It is a great tool for us to grow our business.

Marina Sperl, Marketing Manager, DESIGNREISEN


DESIGNREISEN team was very happy with what we’ve delivered. Their new website expressed their brand really well and allowed the visitors to feel the lux experience right from the get-go.

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