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Raben Group

A corporate portal with 14 independent services in one flexible CMS.

Case study Raben _TYPO3 CMS_ Corporate CMS, UX Design, Multisite

01. Brief:

Raben Group has been offering comprehensive logistics services for over 85 years. With branches in 12 countries, they wanted to provide up-to-date content for all of their customers. Raben asked Macopedia to create a new website for them that would be easily editable and user-friendly.


Create a mobile-friendly solution for managing 14 independent websites.

02. Solution:

We decided to go with TYPO3 CMS, an enterprise-level solution that’s extremely flexible. We were able to build a CMS structure for managing 14 different services. Raben’s local teams are able to easily access their sites and edit them independently. Over 3k pages available in this corporate portal are searchable thanks to utilizing Solr, an open-source search platform.

Mobile-friendliness was a high priority for our client, so we made sure that their new website is fully responsive and easy to navigate even on mobile devices.

Web app


Raben’s sites are available in 11 languages, all versions managed in one CMS.

  • Any customer who is serious about their project will find Macopedia to be a good partner.

    Katarzyna Bartkiewicz, Digital Marketing Manager, Raben Group

03. Outcome:

After the launch of Raben’s new corporate portal, they saw a 30% increase in mobile web traffic. The company is now able to publish relevant content on all of their pages. 30 editors from different countries are seamlessly collaborating in one CMS.