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TYPO3 Headless & PWA implementation, creating a central system to manage a multilingual website content and working on a coherent layout.

  • Agile web application development
Robomow website

Robomow(R) is a brand of MTD Products AG. MTD Products AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the long-established American company MTD Products Inc. and sells its garden and lawn care products in all European countries. The company's European headquarters are located in Saarbrücken, Germany. Robomow(R) manufactures specialized robotic mowers that provide an alternative to traditional manual mowers. Robomow(R) offers different categories and models of equipment, which is based on the specific needs of lawn owners. We started working with the company in 2020. The client approached us with the problem of not having a global website managed from a single admin panel, because until then local websites were maintained on several platforms (such as Wordpress or Shopify). This primarily meant a lack of consistency in international communication, as well as difficulties in editing and updating for foreign dealers, which meant that administrators had to be trained to use multiple platforms.

Robomow product


To build a central, multilingual content management system to coordinate several brands, with a consistent design, easy editing and maintenance.


  • TYPO3 CMS: Secure, Scalable, and Customizable Management of Multilingual Websites

    The client chose the TYPO3 CMS platform to centralise their brands. TYPO3 CMS guarantees security, scalability and full customization of access levels and editing privileges, which greatly facilitates the management of the numerous language versions of the Robomow website. In addition, an appropriate TYPO3 CMS implementation makes it possible to share and reuse prepared components within the pages linked in the administration panel. TYPO3 instance is prepared for multiple brands, creating a central content management system and common server infrastructure. With this approach, we can use TYPO3 CMS as a microservice and upload content also for other applications.

  • TYPO3 Headless & PWA: Separating Backend and Frontend for a More Efficient Website

    We have also implemented our own solution: TYPO3 Headless & PWA. The Headless extension allows for separating the backend from the frontend, which can now operate independently. Thus, the limitations related to the technologies that are used to create the components disappear. The new Robomow website also has all the advantages of Progressive Web App. These are the speed of loading the frontend part thanks to the use of Nuxt.js, push notifications, the possibility of installing as an application on the phone or working in offline mode.

  • UX design

    It was extremely important for the client to enter the market as soon as possible. A UX design was prepared based on elements from other websites, which significantly shortened the time of the design phase.

Robomow products


The new website built using TYPO3 CMS provides the client with centralized management and constitutes a basis for building one’s brand.

Our actions have also resulted in improved editing and maintenance of pages in several dozen languages. We are dealing with appropriately developed authorizations for editors, translators and administrators, e.g. depending on the country. All this translates into a high customer experience for mobile users.

Moreover, the website has an advanced search, where you can find the product specification, manual and navigation to local dealers. A map with sales and service points was created for the website, enriched with additional filters. The product comparison engine gives you a closer look at the product specifications, and the robot finder filtering mechanism tells you what to choose based on lawn size or slope.


  • A new approach to website management

    TYPO3 installation as a common backend to manage several brands from one place and to control the content on a multilingual website.

  • TYPO3 Headless & PWA

    Taking advantage of TYPO3 Headless & PWA technology popularized by our team which allows us to create an extremely quick and advanced website.

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