Case Study Swiss Rotors

The implementation of B2B platform enabling clients from all over the world unattended ordering of Swiss Rotors recuperators using Magento and Odoo.

  • Agile web application development
  • Odoo: open-source CRM and ERP
  • E-commerce B2B/B2C & omnichannel
  • System integrations
Swiss Rotors website


Swiss Rotors is a global producer of technical equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC industry). They sell their products in Europe, South America and Russia. The client contacted us with the need of digital transformation of order processing procedure. Each order is placed by a custom configurator and is connected with launching manufacturing of a given product, so the client needed a properly integrated platform which would allow automatization of the online process.

Swiss Rotors products


A quick implementation of Odoo ERP system and e-commerce Magento platform, integration with a custom configurator and lunching B2B sales.


  • Collaboration between Macopedia's Odoo and Magento Teams

    The key element in the project was to understand and implement a non-standard path of ordering. There were two dedicated teams working on the project in Macopedia, they were responsible for Odoo ERP and Magento e-commerce technologies implementation.

  • Overcoming Triple Integration Challenges: Magento, Odoo, and Custom Configurator

    The biggest challenge was the triple integration between Magento platform, Odoo and the custom configurator. Every ordered set is customized individually. The user defines the final product in the configurator where he chooses a variety of indicators and attributes.

  • Revamping the Order Process: Integrating Magento and Odoo

    The ordering process is two-tier. The commissioning party going through the configurator, makes an offer which goes to Odoo system where it is accepted by the seller. Only after this acceptance can the whole order in Magento be made. In order to enable the communication between Magento and Odoo, the total reconstruction of the check out was essential.

  • An additional customized functionality in Odoo is logging in by RFID workers in the warehouse.
Odoo panel


Smoothly operating shop and cross-system synchronization. Online B2B sales launched.

The successful implementation of a customized, synchronized ordering system can greatly benefit businesses engaging in online B2B sales. It can help to streamline the ordering process, increase efficiency, and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction.


  • Triple cross-system integration

    A non-standard shopping path and a complex integration of three systems: Odoo (ERP & WMS), Magento (e-commerce platform) and a custom configurator used for B2B orders.

  • Odoo ERP & WMS in Enterprise version

    Odoo was implemented in order to manage the warehouse and the production process.

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