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Building a playful and well-optimized e-commerce store for one of Europe’s largest board games manufacturers.

  • E-commerce B2B/B2C & omnichannel
  • System integrations
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Trefl SA started out as a small family business manufacturing jigsaw puzzles. 35 years later, it’s one of the leading puzzles and games companies in the region. The family values, however, are still at the very core of Trefl’s business actions. Their mission is to inspire positive emotions and encourage people to spend quality time together.

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Our job was to create a robust e-commerce channel for Trefl:
developing a store that feels lightweight, yet it’s able to withstand some heavy load. Toys and games industry has a lot of seasonality, so Trefl’s e-commerce needed to operate smoothly during all traffic spikes.


  • Using Magento 2 on AWS Cloud: A Flexible and Scalable E-commerce Solution

    We decided to use Magento 2 as the e-commerce platform here, but to host it on AWS Cloud. This cloud-based infrastructure is extremely flexible: once an influx of traffic is detected by a load balancer, new instances will handle that load. As a result, the servers are never overloaded and the store operates as usual.

  • Optimizing Website Performance for a Seamless Customer Experience: Varnish, Cache Warmup, and Vue.js Components

    Customers can also feel that the website’s performance is smooth, even during the pre-holiday shopping season. The browsing experience has been improved by using Varnish and cache warmup mechanisms. Product sites load immediately thanks to dynamic Vue.js components.


Given the family-oriented nature of Trefl, it was not a surprise that our relationship was close and harmonious. The project was delivered successfully and our partnership continues to thrive.

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  • Personalized shopping experience

    Puzzles and board games are frequently bought as presents, with gift givers having to pick the most appropriate ones out of hundreds available items. This is why Trefl’s e-commerce features an interactive gift guide which recommends product ideas that are well-suited for a given person.

  • Integration with ERP & WMS

    The store is seamlessly connected with Trefl’s ERP and WMS tools, so sales information can be aligned with other business operations. We used an enterprise service bus to exchange data between different apps.

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