typo3 cms supports students and lecturers

“They are led by a very impressive technology directory and have a team
of experienced developers who are very focused and knowledgeable.
I was also impressed by their use of agile methodology
and focus during Scrum sprints.”

Piotr Lapiński
eMarketing Manager, PEARSON Central Europe


International publishing company and leader in the education industry - Pearson, started working with us at the beginning of 2017. After going through rebranding, client needed a new website and high quality software that would enable further digitalization of his services and products. Client wanted to create a special form for users’ registration (both students and teachers) and to increase UX in the new site. The best system that met his expectations turned out to be the flexible and secure enterprise-class Content Management System - TYPO3.

applied solutions

New website consists of a number of portals dedicated to particular markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We helped recreate some features from the old site and integrate the new one with Pearson external systems.

New web is designed for different groups of users. When registering, person chooses his role: student or lecturer. Depending on the profile, he has access to educational materials, core curricula, supplementary courses and etc. Additionally, he can sign up for conferences and other meetings (up to now several dozens of such events already took place and thousands of participants attended). In addition, the organizers can use the panel to manage the attendance list, agenda, etc. which is a great feature.

Completed tasks:
- Integration of users' logins between systems (SSO)
- Data migration from the old site
- A new graphic concept and the preparation of UX functional mock-ups in cooperation with the Crafton agency
- Integration with external Pearson systems: portals, a mobile application and a sales platform
- Creation of the Pearson products catalog: study materials, training courses and videos, etc.
- A panel for managing conferences from the client's CMS level, but also in a personalized user profile
- Search engine based on the Apache Solr


Pearson.pl website was released in December 2017 and it is further developed. We launched a platform in 3 language versions, with attractive graphics and functionalities, tailored to the needs of various groups of recipients. Thanks to integration with the corporate identity management system, user data is registered in all Pearson applications.

Pearson editors can edit the content and photos on the website by themselves, without the support of our programmers Thanks to transparent project management in Scrum, client could control the costs and time for specific tasks. More about our cooperation, rated by the client for the highest 5 stars, is available on the Clutch website. Our continued work is focused on the further development of Pearson.pl and webs for foreign markets.