5-week eCommerce implementation for a major cosmetics retailer


Oceanic is a leading health and beauty manufacturer in Poland, especially known for their sensitive and allergy-prone skin cosmetics. With 35 years on the market, they’ve managed to grow their brand significantly, but their online platform was not up to par.

Oceanic approached us with hopes to launch a new eCommerce in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.


Create a store in 5 weeks and integrate it with marketplaces.


Our experience with Magento 2 enabled us to set up the store quickly. The next step was to write integrations that would connect this eCommerce with two leading marketplaces: Allegro and Ceneo.


An efficient, scrum-based process and our implementation know-how made it possible to launch Oceanic’s new store on time.

We’re currently working closely with the client to create the next iteration of their eCommerce, building a custom interface and some engaging activities for the users.

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