Case Study One Day More

Efficient ERP system operating on production (MRP) and warehouse (WMS) areas.

  • Systemintegration
  • Odoo: Open-Source-CRM und -ERP
  • Consulting und Digital-Commerce-Strategie
  • Agile Entwicklung von Webanwendungen
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One Day More is a polish producer of muesli and cereal that sells their products online, in top retail chains and exports them to customers from all over Europe. Our cooperation started 4 years ago when the client needed to implement an efficient ERP system which would improve the production process and would function as a WMS system (warehouse management system). The client was considering various solutions available on the market but finally he decided on the Odoo system in Community version (without extra licensing costs). It has thousands of modules including WMS module and enables adjusting the system easily to the needs of a specific food grade production.


Implementation of Odoo ERP WMS for warehouse and production management & integration with e-commerce and accounting system Symfonia.


  • Launching Odoo ERP&WMS Platform for Improved Operations

    Implementation phase was preceded by the workshop phase based on which pre-implementation analysis and backlog were created. Launching Odoo ERP WMS platform. There were numerous meetings in the project during which we consulted complex storage and production processes so that the best solutions for all company departments could be reached.

  • Streamlining Operations with Custom Functionalities

    Odoo platform enabled the interface of the production department with the warehouse, effective labelling, control over store and batches, integration with e-commerce, full traceability and packing different product sets. We also didn’t lack custom functionalities such as: the possibility to use barcode scanners while packing internet orders, tracking open packages in the warehouse and the possibility to calculate nutrients for the final product.

  • Integration

    Odoo was integrated with EDI platform as well thanks to which it is possible to issue invoices in .xml format.


The development of Odoo ERP WMS platform integrated with e-commerce which allows the client to manage production and warehouse efficiently and to develop the portfolio of products.

We have been the Key Technological Partner of One Day More and we still develop business ecosystems together.

One Day More Odoo ERP


  • E-commerce shipping

    ERP system was integrated with an online shop WooCommerce and with barcode scanners which significantly improve internet orders packing.

  • Tracking open packages in a warehouse

    Open packages are tracked in a warehouse (after expiry date), so that they can be sent to production as the first ones. This is the character of full packages storage from which products which are weight determined are weighed (e.g. granola, freeze-dried fruit).

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