Case Study Sanplast

Four complex e-commerces managed from a single Magento dashboard.

  • B2B-E-Commerce / B2C-E-Commerce & Omnichannel
  • Systemintegration
  • Consulting und Digital-Commerce-Strategie
Sanplast Website

Sanplast Group is one of the leading European producers of sanitaryware and bathroom equipment. The Group itself consists of 4 distinct brands, each operating on multiple markets. The variety of products sold in four different stores results in a very complex e-commerce ecosystem. Sanplast Group asked us to help streamline their operations and build a robust e-commerce platform for all of their brands.

Sanplast Produkte


Build 4 customer-friendly stores and create a powerful e-commerce platform to manage them all.


  • Elegant Storefront Design

    Our job was to design and develop elegant storefronts for all four stores. We created interfaces that convey elegance and luxury, yet are very practical to use. Different target groups (end-consumers, B2B partners etc.) can navigate all websites easily and find relevant information.

  • Magento multi-store solution

    The other part of the project was to unify these stores using a single admin panel. We decided to go with Magento 2 to create a Magento multi-store solution. Since all shops offer different products and purchase paths, we had to create a platform that accommodates for all possible scenarios.


The platform was delivered efficiently: we decided to work on different elements of the project simultaneously, which significantly shortened the implementation time.

Customers from multiple countries have access to 4 different stores, each with a distinct branding and UI. At the same time, Sanplast Group is able to streamline their operations, managing all store from a single Magento admin panel.
We’re currently working on developing the platform further: adding more languages and widening the selection of available products.

Sanplast Produkt


  • Personalized shopping experience

    Our team managed to translate the multitude of products and their features into playful product configurators.

  • Smooth collaboration

    Different teams can seamlessly collaborate in one platform thanks to a special structure of user permissions.

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