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Engage customers on the purchase journey with product information

Industry 4.0 and the battle for clients are happening now. You can no longer use the same message for everyone. Customers like to stick to a brand that takes care of their needs and addresses their concerns. In light of this, investing in an exceptional product experience pays off in the long run.

Scattered, incomplete or duplicated data? Inconsistencies in information displayed on the website? To prevent these risks and improve brand image, professionals need world-class solutions for effective product information management. Akeneo PIM offers a “single source of truth”, promoting uniformity throughout the entire product life cycle. The open-source platform is trusted by over 100 000 businesses globally.

  • Consistent and structured product data
  • Catch the consumer's attention in all the channels you want
  • Increase e-commerce sales and conversion rates

Product Information Management is easier with us

PIM projects we have executed for producers, distributors, and online stores underscore our ability to upgrade the Product Information Management process in diverse market sectors. Find out how our IT outsourcing experience can benefit your business.

Leading Akeneo Silver Partner in Poland & Germany

At Macopedia, we are constantly expanding our competences, as evidenced by the title of Akeneo Silver Partner. Our success is built on collaborating closely with our clients. Plus, our longstanding partnership with Akeneo Company ensures swift communication and prompt assistance whenever we need it.

End-to-end PIM services

We strive to provide the highest quality of software development services: PIM business consulting (PXM) & implementation analysis, defining business needs, designing a new information flow architecture, building custom modules (back-end and front-end), integration with external tools or systems, e-commerce SLA support & PIM administration. So, we offer comprehensive services, from application development to system administration and ITIL-based maintenance. It’s all in our hands!

Dedicated Akeneo team

Our team of experts, including Tech Leader, Analyst, Business Consultant, Sales Manager, Akeneo Developers, and Project Managers, will work closely with you to guarantee the success of your digital transformation through workshops, daily contact, and scrum meetings.

We are certified in Akeneo!

The participation in PIM training & certification transforms us into a business partner who not only implements but also actively supports clients' digital growth. We also like sharing our practical and theoretical knowledge. Discover more about Akeneo technology on our blog.

Integrated enterprise ecosystem

Let’s plug PIM into your existing architecture! We offer valuable insight into process mapping, integration mapping and building integration with third-party systems: SAP, ERP MFG, JD Edwards ERP, Odoo, Syndigo WiseBase, NielsenIQ Brandbank, Sellassist, Salesforce, Remove.bg, Inbetween, Magento, Google Sheets, Synerise, Commercetools.

We help clients work with PIM

PIM projects include analysis, IT consulting, implementation and training. We begin with a detailed pre-implementation analysis to showcase the solution's possibilities (Community Edition as well as Growth Edition and Enterprise Edition), and adapt the B2B and B2C processes to the new PIM platform to achieve the assumed business goals.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in optimizing your product information management strategy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your Akeneo project.

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“As an Akeneo Team Leader, I believe Akeneo is an excellent solution for businesses seeking to efficiently manage their product data. We recommend Akeneo for its powerful features, ease of use, and scalability. Our process begins with understanding client needs, followed by customizing and implementing the PIM to ensure maximum ROI.”

Piotr, Lead Akeneo Developer

Piotr Lead Akeneo Developer

What do you gain from choosing
Akeneo as your PIM solution?

All data in one place

Product data is scattered around several sources: ERP, CRM, Excel files. A single, consolidated database makes it easier to control data completeness, distribute and evaluate all types of data in real-time. Akeneo PIM ensures that product content is centralized, updated automatically across all touchpoints, and checked before being published.

Efficient data management and enrichment

We know that managing data for hundreds of items can turn into a time-consuming, inefficient nightmare of a process. Akeneo is a reliable system for all teams as they can collect product-related information in one place, automate recurring tasks such as data entry, data adjustments and updating product data.

Faster time-to-market

Today’s digital world pushes businesses to innovate and quickly launch new items. By centralizing product information (detailed product descriptions on product pages, organized attributes, precise technical features, images, variants), companies can reduce the time it takes to get them to market, strengthening their position in the business environment.

Quick implementation

If you want a PIM solution and wish to implement it quickly, Akeneo will be the best option. It ensures smooth implementation and configuration so you can start managing your product information without delay.

High-quality content

The most immediate benefits of Akeneo PIM for clients are reduced risk of errors, accurate and high-quality product information in every distribution channel, typically seen within just a few weeks of use. In turn, enterprises can minimize return rates and generate revenue.

Scalable technology & user-friendly interface

A large product catalog slows down bringing to life your data-driven strategy. With a PIM system, you can grow at your own pace and handle millions of SKUs efficiently. Akeneo also offers a well-structured information architecture and intuitive interface, allowing your employees to quickly become proficient in its usage.

New markets & channels

55% of consumers prefer brands with consistent shopping experiences. PIM product is capable of adapting product information to the requirements and standards of each country or channel (both online and offline, including e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, print catalogs, and social media). At the same time, it facilitates cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Enhancing Akeneo PIM

Interested in a particular functionality & enhancing your Akeneo PIM?

Tell us your visions, and we will build digital solutions that meet your unique needs.

We are an active contributor to Akeneo PIM. Long-term experience and proven work methods give us the opportunity to develop new extensions, connectors and plugins. They are available in Akeneo App Store, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific workflows.

Product information management is important

The statistics point towards a single fact: Buyers expect to find tailored information according to context, chosen owned or unowned channel. It is the personalized product experiences that bring brands and consumers closer together. But there is a “but.” Businesses with a huge variety of products are having problems automating and organizing product data.

Contextualize your product information with Akeneo PIM and provide users with the right content, in the right place and at the right time. The technology also enables businesses to rise to the omnichannel challenges. Analyze what your business is missing, and how you can improve your product information now, saving valuable time and effort.

To ensure successful implementation of Akeneo PIM, we follow these 10 steps

  • Analyze business requirements

    Identify the specific needs of the business and establish goals for the PIM implementation.

  • Define product data model

    Create a detailed product data model, including attributes, categories, families, and associations.

  • Choose the right PIM solution

    Research and select the most suitable Akeneo PIM license based on business requirements and budget.

  • Plan data migration

    Develop a strategy for migrating existing product data from various sources into the Akeneo PIM system.

  • Configure PIM system

    Set up and configure the Akeneo PIM platform, including user roles, permissions, and workflows.

  • Customize PIM features

    Develop any necessary customizations or integrations to enhance the PIM system's functionality and align it with business needs.

  • Import initial data

    Import and validate the initial product data into the PIM system, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

  • Train users

    Provide training and support to end-users on how to use the PIM system effectively to manage product information.

  • Integrate with e-commerce platform

    Connect Akeneo PIM with the e-commerce platform, enabling seamless data synchronization and management.

  • Monitor and optimize

    Continuously monitor the PIM system's performance, gather feedback from users, and make necessary adjustments to optimize the system, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of your business.

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