Integrate your Magento store with Allegro marketplace and reach an audience of up to 20 million new users

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Drive more transactions with the largest and most popular marketplace in Poland

With millions of transactions and potential customers every week, Allegro is a key marketplace for many Polish merchants. Leverage its potential in your online store with our integration module.

The Magento 2 & Allegro integration module allows you to manage your Allegro sales directly in your Magento dashboard. There’s no need to use any additional tools: Allegro and Magento will communicate with each other via APIs. Managing sales on multiple platforms has just got a lot easier.

Benefits for your organization

Manage your Magento store and sales on Allegro without constantly switching between platforms

Reduce the number of steps required to synchronize both sales channels

Ensure a consistent shopping experience for your customers

Key features

Order imports from Allegro to Magento

Our solution's main functionality is importing orders from Allegro directly into the Magento system. Why is this important? Instead of frequently accessing Allegro to monitor and manage orders, you can focus on other business aspects. No need to manually transfer data or log into different platforms. Your orders are always current and consistent!

Order imports from Allegro to Magento

Encounter an error during order import?

If errors occur during import, such an order is sent to a separate queue (orders with errors). This ensures no order is overlooked.

Encounter an error during order import?

Adjusting stock levels in Magento system upon a sale through Allegro, and in Allegro following a Magento product sale

Thanks to our solution, two-way inventory synchronization is possible, regardless of the platform where the transaction took place. Sold a product on Allegro? Inventory data updates instantly in Magento. Made a purchase in Magento store? Allegro is also updated. This means less time spent on manual updates and less need to access Allegro, and more time for strategy. Let your business run smoothly!

Adjusting stock levels in Magento system upon a sale through Allegro, and in Allegro following a Magento product sale

Mapping payment and delivery methods between Magento and Allegro

Any changes to payment and delivery methods in Magento are automatically reflected on Allegro. For example, if an Allegro user chooses parcel lockers for delivery, after mapping, you can easily process that order in Magento. How does it work? When importing orders, you simply need to connect the appropriate payment/delivery methods from Allegro with those in Magento.

Mapping payment and delivery methods between Magento and Allegro

Creating and editing offers on Allegro from the Magento store

Now you can add new products to your Magento store and simultaneously publish them on Allegro, as well as make changes to existing Allegro offers directly from the Magento panel. Data is fetched from the Magento product (e.g., photos, description, name, price, quantity). Other information, such as category or category parameters, must be completed manually.

A product in the Magento store is immediately linked to a specific offer on Allegro, ensuring order details from Allegro marketplace reflect in Magento, and inventory levels are synced in both systems.

Creating and editing offers on Allegro from the Magento store

Issuing tracking numbers for Allegro orders from Magento

By adding a tracking number in Magento, you can be sure that the same number will be automatically forwarded to the Allegro system. This means that even if a customer made a purchase on the marketplace, they will receive an email notification from Allegro with package dispatch information and the tracking number.

Issuing tracking numbers for Allegro orders from Magento

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Allegro and Magento 2 integration
What additional features does it offer?

  • Automatic order status update from Magento

    This feature allows for real-time tracking of any order's progress. After adding mapping in configuration, everything happens automatically. Whenever you change an order status in Magento to "shipped", this information is also sent to Allegro.

  • Connecting an offer with a product from the Allegro catalog

    By integrating Magento with Allegro using our module, you can map Magento products to Allegro offers without accessing the Allegro platform.

  • Bulk management of offer statuses

    Want to manage offer statuses quickly? Maintain control over your offers with the Magento 2 & Allegro module and decide which of them should be visible for sale on Allegro! Now you can easily activate or deactivate them in one place.

  • Synchronizing product prices in Magento with an Allegro auction

    Any price change in your Magento 2 store instantly updates the Allegro auction. You also have the option to configure settings so that the product price in Magento is automatically converted to a higher value when listing the same product on Allegro. This functionality can account for differences in commission fees.

Magento & Allegro module subscription for just 499 PLN / month

Are your customers satisfied with your online store? Offer Allegro users the same high level and scale your business on both platforms simultaneously.

Our module simplifies management and control of sales. Gain access to advanced features that will revolutionize your online business. See for yourself!


  • Multi-image support during offer generation
  • Associating several Allegro accounts and creating more than one auction for a particular SKU
  • Managing auction promotional settings from Magento's dashboard
  • Exports
  • Presenting auction listings accompanied by sorting and filtering features
  • Listing auctions in bulk using a predefined template

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