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Large-scale enterprise applications? Choose TYPO3, a brand you can rely on

As a notable open source CMS (Content Management System), TYPO3 has found its place in the business landscape. The platform simplifies the creation, management, optimization, and distribution of web content across diverse platforms, from ecommerce to mobile applications.

If you want to build versatile websites with a personal touch, TYPO3 is the preferred choice. It helps businesses maintain, and expand their online presence, staying one step ahead in the digital competition. Create and control content without any hassle!

  • Create websites in many languages
  • Manage and publish content from a single platform
  • Facilitate collaboration to allow multiple users to edit content on your website

We use TYPO3 CMS to create a powerful and secure platform for your content

TYPO3 is essential for anyone looking to build a digital presence, and share content on different platforms. Whether you're looking to revamp an existing website or build a new digital platform from scratch, we will deliver solutions that align with your specific requirements. Here, we delve into the details of how we empower businesses of all sizes to manage complex websites efficiently. Let's redefine digital success together.

TYPO3 Association Silver Member

Being a Silver Member of the TYPO3 Association is a badge of honor for us, symbolizing our passion for and commitment to TYPO3. Our impact is also heightened by having our CTO Tymoteusz Motylewski as a board member of the TYPO3 Association. This grants us an active voice in the long-term development of the TYPO3 technology. If you’re looking for engineers who know TYPO3 inside out, you’re in the right hands.

Integration expertise

We understand that integration is more than just connecting different pieces – it's about creating a cohesive and seamless ecosystem where various tools and technologies work in harmony. As integration experts, we have successfully integrated TYPO3 with various external systems such as marketing automation and analytics tools, among others.

Comprehensive TYPO3 services

Through our TYPO3 services, we have empowered various companies to streamline their content management processes, improve collaboration across teams, and enhance online visibility. Our TYPO3 implementation encompasses everything from initial consultation and strategy planning to design, CMS development, migration, integration, and ongoing support. Additionally, as pioneers of the Headless extensions for TYPO3, we enable businesses to decouple their website's front-end and back-end, enhancing flexibility, user experience, and cross-platform compatibility.

Best practices for TYPO3 development

TYPO3 offers advanced features and great customization but requires some technical skills. Specializing in TYPO3 development, our certified engineers translate your vision into reality. Be it a multilingual corporate website or complex e-commerce platform which requires content, we follow TYPO3's coding guidelines to ensure your solution is reliable, scalable, and compatible with future TYPO3 updates.

TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer badge

“Having worked with numerous content management systems over the years, TYPO3 stands out as one of the most powerful and versatile platforms on the market. Its rich feature set, robust security measures, and scalability make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.”

Łukasz, Lead TYPO3 Developer

Łukasz, Lead TYPO3 Developer

The advantages of TYPO3
How it differentiates from other CMS platforms

One single platform for your content

TYPO3 offers a unified solution where all content-related tasks are performed within one interface. With everything centralized, team members can work together more efficiently. Users don't need to switch between different tools or systems to create, edit, modify, or publish content across various platforms, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

Rich features and customization

With a rich set of tools and customization options, TYPO3 is unlike other content management systems. Businesses can build bespoke web applications using thousands of extensions, found in the TYPO3 repository. Utilize its SEO-friendly features to enhance search engine rankings!

Scalable content management system

Adapting from small websites to large-scale enterprise portals, TYPO 3 is not only customizable but also highly scalable. While other CMS systems may become insufficient as your organization grows and expands, CMS TYPO3 ensures continuous alignment with your business needs, and supports professional features. There's no need to change the system.

Ease of use

Editing and adding content, including images, text and multimedia, is effortless in TYPO3 enterprise CMS due to its user-friendly interface. Moreover, collaboration is made simple with specific permissions for various team members such as content creators, editors, and administrators. Backend users can be given permissions to access or modify specific content elements or modules.

Robust security features

TYPO3 prioritizes security, implementing strict protocols, refined access controls, and secure password storage. With regular updates and a specialized team, it ranks highly in security among web CMS. TYPO3 is a trusted partner for the world's leading brands.

Multilingual support

With complete support for multiple languages, TYPO3 breaks down language barriers, enabling businesses to connect with a global audience. Its ability for local teams to independently manage multilingual sites, makes it a prime choice for international marketing.

Headless extension for TYPO3 (T3H) by Macopedia

Make TYPO3 a Headless CMS

The Headless Extension for TYPO3, developed by Macopedia, revolutionizes enterprise content management. What is T3H? Your opportunity to work with this powerful CMS platform, and offer a great mobile experience (PWA) at the same time! You can share content across multiple platforms without any additional work.

  • Customize and redesign the front-end without affecting the content.
  • Speed up development by leveraging existing front-end technologies, combined with the division of back-end and front-end teams.
  • Adapt to different platforms and devices without hassle. Ensure a consistent and user-friendly appearance, regardless of how a visitor is accessing the site. Create Once, Publish Everywhere!

TYPO3 as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

With TYPO3, businesses can embrace a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that goes beyond traditional content management system. 

TYPO3 software caters to the multifaceted demands of contemporary consumers by enabling personalization, analytics, and omnichannel interactions. Whether in marketing, customer service, or e-commerce, DXP capabilities of TYPO3 have become vital for modern customer engagement. Transform your digital experience with Macopedia!

Integration of CMS, e-commerce and PIM
Extending CMS TYPO3 & Unleashing new potentials

Extending CMS TYPO3
& Unleashing new potentials

Customization? It's always a YES from us. By adding specific functionalities to the core system, we can cater to various needs, offering a truly individualized experience. Throughout the development phase, our TYPO3 developers maintain transparent communication, ensuring that you are involved and informed at every stage.

For instance, we have developed an extension pairing TYPO3 & ChatGPT which allows for making content more accessible to a global audience. Feel free to contact us for another custom solution designed just for your TYPO 3.

TYPO3 & ChatGPT extension

Integration of ChatGPT and TYPO3 CMS to streamline the content creation process

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