Case Study Immergas

Implementation of Akeneo Enterprise PIM for a leader in the heating industry.

  • Product Information Management
  • System integrations
Immergas website

Immergas Poland is a part of the international Immerfin group, operating in the heating industry for over 55 years. The client is a leader in the sales of condensing boilers, heat pumps, and solar installations.

Immergas needed to establish a central source for product data acquired partially from the company's Italian headquarters. The data was intended for the website, Salesforce, and dedicated systems: an application supporting the loyalty program and a service management application. The client's goal was to verify data accurately before publication and automate content enrichment. The PIM system also had to function as a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) by utilizing Akeneo's Asset Manager capabilities.

Immergas product listing


Modeling the client's directory structure in Akeneo Enterprise to meet the needs of integrated systems and effectively utilize features such as Completeness, Reference Entities, Asset Manager, and Tailored Export to improve data quality, consistency, and completeness at Immergas.


  • Building a new system architecture at Immergas

    Our task was to design a new product life cycle considering the creation of new SKUs in Akeneo PIM. During the implementation, we established integrations (middleware) between Akeneo PIM and Oracle ERP JD Edwards. Product data was to be transferred from Akeneo to Salesforce, POS, CAIUS (client's dedicated systems), the website, and distributors. The product catalog structure and channels created in Akeneo PIM were designed to track the completeness of product data for specific target systems.

  • Adding automation to streamline data completion

    During implementation, approximately 150 rules were created to automatically populate attributes such as product status, trade name, and packaging dimensions. The added automations optimized the time spent on completing product data.

  • Tailored Export - Excel files customized to recipient data requirements

    Client suppliers expected specific data delivered in Excel files. By using the Tailored Export function, we created export profiles dedicated to distributors. This enabled quick and efficient generation of files with specific data sets from Akeneo and appropriate column titles.

  • Reference Entities as a tool for storing price history

    A specific client requirement was finding a solution to store the history of product price changes in Akeneo. The client didn't want to manage prices in PIM, but knowledge of price history and effective dates was valuable for product data analysis. To meet this need, we utilized the Reference Entities solution to include all necessary information.

Immergas rules listing


PIM Akeneo became Immegras' knowledge source for products and the main repository for data and multimedia files. Several users with varying levels of permissions utilize the system.


  • Akeneo Middleware

    Oracle ERP JD Edwards ensured smooth data flow between systems, streamlining the process of establishing new products and completing data.​​​​​​​

  • Automation and digitization

    PIM Akeneo implementation at Immegras achieved another stage of digitization, transferring data previously stored in Excel files to PIM, and rules enabled the independent calculation of many attribute values.

  • Client system handling education

    Training during implementation allows the client to configure the system independently.

  • Scrum ensuring project transparency

    Following the SCRUM methodology during Akeneo PIM implementation at Immegras has ensured transparency in each project stage and progress in task completion.

“Macopedia not only demonstrated in-depth technical knowledge but also showed a flexible approach to our expectations and the ability to tailor the system to our organization's specific needs. The Akeneo PIM implementation was a successful project. We recommend Macopedia as a trustworthy and competent partner in information technology and PIM systems.”

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