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PIM in Żabka Polska: Revolution in Product Information Management with Akeneo

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Żabka Polska is a dynamically expanding network of stores specializing in offering a wide range of food products, beverages, fresh items, and everyday essentials. Żabka Polska is a pioneer in introducing modern technological solutions, such as autonomous stores and mobile applications, significantly facilitating a shopping process. The company actively engages in innovation, and one manifestation of this strategy was the initiation of the Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) system implementation project. In the context of its business specifics, Żabka Polska faced the challenge of managing an extensive product range from various suppliers. Żabka had three sources of product data: two databases, Nielsen BrandBank and Syndigo WiseBase, and the Product Card, an Excel template provided to suppliers. The goal was to create a cohesive internal product database that includes comprehensive information about product composition, including photos and labels.

The main motivation for implementing the PIM system was the desire to integrate these two product databases into one coherent structure. Additionally, the company planned to connect the newly created database with the existing SAP system to enable efficient data management at various stages of the business process. With the establishment of a central point enabling efficient data collection and management, the process of phasing out the older solution, the Product Card, began.

The introduction of the Akeneo PIM system aimed not only to facilitate the collection and management of product data but also to increase operational efficiency by improving integration with existing systems. This allowed Żabka Polska to quickly access comprehensive product information, contributing to improved customer service quality and the delivery of even better shopping experiences."

Product management screen in DAM system


Implementation of the PIM system with product information from multiple brands and various suppliers.


  • Implementation of the Akeneo Enterprise PIM system

    In response to the client's needs, we decided to implement the Akeneo PIM system in the Enterprise version, simultaneously creating comprehensive product information management processes. This integrated system involved obtaining basic product specifications from databases and supplementing data from the SAP system. As a result, Żabka Polska obtained a dedicated product database actively developed internally, especially in the area of Digital Asset Management (DAM) functions.

  • Integration with Nielsen Brandbank and Syndigo WiseBase

    Gaining detailed information about products offered by Żabka Polska, such as nutritional ingredients, product composition, or logistical data, became possible through solid integrations with databases: Nielsen Brandbank and Syndigo WiseBase. Suppliers supplemented data about their products in these databases by adding new indexes or updating photos, which could change seasonally (e.g., with the introduction of holiday packaging). When adding a product to the SAP system, the integration automatically searched for product information in the databases and transmitted it to the Akeneo PIM system. Periodic updates of product data in the databases were automatically transferred to Żabka's internal product database in Akeneo, ensuring constant information accuracy.

  • Adaptation of PIM functions for managing visual content (DAM functions)

    The need to distribute images to various internal systems in Żabka, such as self-checkout kiosks or sales registers in stores, led us to significantly expand the Akeneo PIM functions related to managing visual content. New attributes were introduced, focusing on storing primary and additional product images, as well as labels, considering the source of each image (e.g., separate storage of images from WiseBase and Brandbank). Logic related to image updates and presenting always the freshest and highest-quality images – the appropriate type of shot, in the right place – was also implemented. Thanks to these adjustments, employees gained easy access to current multimedia materials, significantly improving their work.

  • Development of custom modules in PIM Akeneo

    During the project implementation, we introduced two custom tabs into Akeneo, requiring advanced skills in both backend and frontend areas. These are, respectively:

    • Promotions: a module dedicated to managing promotions in integration with the Lean Promo application, which uses resources from Akeneo.
    • Żappka: a module supporting the management of promotions related to the Żappka application. It is integrated with the Synerise system and facilitates the process of creating promotions, including the quality and availability of product resources (images).

    These additional functionalities significantly facilitated the handling of two key processes in Żabka, which were previously managed through email correspondence. Currently, these modules are systematically improved to effectively respond to dynamically changing user needs.

Product list with filters in DAM system


For Żabka Polska, the implementation of the Akeneo PIM system was a crucial step in the digitization of product information management, allowing the consolidation of data from various sources. Integrations with SAP systems, Nielsen Brandbank, Syndigo WiseBase, and Microsoft Azure resulted in efficient acquisition and updating of data, increasing information consistency across all platforms. The expansion of Digital Asset Management (DAM) functions enabled Żabka to effectively manage graphic resources, improving product presentation. Additionally, custom modules and easy verification of the correctness of product attributes contributed to streamlining internal processes, increasing operational efficiency, and improving customer service quality.

  • Collaboration and cooperation of multiple companies

    The project represented a fruitful collaboration between Żabka Polska, data banks (Nielsen Brandbank, Syndigo WiseBase), and Macopedia. This partnership facilitated the effective merging of different data sources and resources, contributing to the comprehensive digitization of product information management.

  • Project development and maintaining innovation

    Project implementation is not just a one-time deployment but a continuous process of development and maintenance. Thanks to the flexibility of Akeneo PIM and the team's commitment, the project is constantly evolving. New ideas for optimal PIM utilization emerge, introducing innovations and contributing to more efficient product information management.

Product details in DAM system


  • Educate the client on PIMs and build awareness

    As a contractor, we guided the client through the entire transformation process and introduced them to the agile methodology, influencing a change in the way they thought about the project. We not only delivered the IT product, but also provided consulting support.

  • A shortened path for preparing price tags

    We have implemented a technological solution that allows you to export product prices (rather than the entire product card available in Akeneo) in a form ready for direct printing (with bleeds).

    Such automation saves the client a lot of time, resources and minimizes the likelihood of error. The client no longer needs to use a graphic designer every time to prepare files for printing.

“We wholeheartedly recommend Macopedia as experts in PIM system implementations. The integration of Akeneo with SAP and databases allowed us to create a comprehensive database for product specifications and photo files. The PIM implementation significantly simplified our processes and eliminated unnecessary email communication.”

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