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Adobe Commerce development for elevating your online business

Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento Commerce, is the rebranded version following Adobe's acquisition in 2018. Being part of the broader Adobe ecosystem, online retailers can maintain a competitive edge and thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing e-commerce industry.

The technology presents the advantage of being flexible and scalable to cater to the precise expectations of enterprises operating in both B2B and B2C environments. Optimize your business with Adobe Commerce which enables you to efficiently handle multiple channels, brands, and expand into new countries, all from a single platform!

  • Scale your business safely and fast
  • Sell products across multiple sales channels
  • Tailor the e-commerce website to align with your specific needs

We harness the power of Adobe Commerce to supercharge your sales potential

If you're looking for assistance in unlocking the full capabilities of Adobe Commerce as your e-commerce platform, consider us your digital partner. We offer expert guidance and impactful solutions crafted to align with your brand's individual preferences.

Partnership with Adobe

We are proud to be recognized as a Bronze Solution Partner, reflecting the high level of our skills and capabilities. As an Adobe business partner, we have early access to new features, updates and valuable resources, including comprehensive technical support. Therefore, we can ensure that any technical issues or problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Certified team

Our developers are Adobe Commerce experts and consultants. They have a strong background in providing e-commerce solutions, and offer know-how at the highest level. Are you in search of a software company to build your shop from scratch, migrate to Adobe Commerce or enhance the functionalities? We are well-equipped and provide e-commerce development services to handle complex tasks and speed up the delivery of your IT project.

Extensive experience

With over 10 years of hands-on experience in implementing Magento and Adobe software, we stand out as industry leaders in the market. Macopedia has a track record of successful e-commerce projects for companies of all sizes, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We also work across many industries – find yours!

Individualized approach​

At Macopedia, we don't propose the paid version without careful consideration. As part of the pre-implementation analysis and IT consulting sessions, we examine whether the requirements and desired features are covered with Magento Open Source. We also evaluate if the functionalities the client intends to utilize demand customization or the development of a new solution. If you’re still struggling between these two e-commerce platforms, you can consult us to make the right decision.

System integration for business growth

Our role as an implementation partner involves facilitating the integration process between your e-commerce platform and the essential third-party tools. We support clients in effectively integrating their Adobe Commerce store with a range of systems such as Comarch XL, Emarsys, HubSpot, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Modern frontend based on Hyvä Themes

We have established an official partnership with Hyvä and provide professional IT services for Magento 2 Open Source and Adobe Commerce B2C & B2B. By leveraging this cutting-edge solution, we ensure that the frontend of your e-commerce store is not only SEO-friendly but also directed towards maximizing user experience.

Adobe Certified Professional & Adobe Certified Expert badges

“Rather than building from scratch, our approach involves leveraging the client's ideas and aligning them with the capabilities of Adobe Commerce. With our proficiency in integrations, we can streamline and optimize their internal operations for maximum productivity.”

Jakub, Lead Magento Developer

Jakub Lead Magento Developer

Adobe Commerce is a digital commerce solution for companies with the highest demands

Enterprise-level support and security

For enhanced reliability, security, and compliance, Adobe Commerce is the ideal choice as it places a strong focus on enterprise-level support. Compared to Magento Open Source, it offers dedicated support teams that facilitate implementation and shop management for large-scale e-commerce businesses.

Advanced B2B capabilities

Adobe Commerce goes beyond Magento OS by incorporating an array of advanced features and additional modules for B2B stores. This includes customer-specific catalogs, company accounts, multi-cart support and complex organizational structures and roles.

Feature-rich platform

With the Adobe platform, enterprises can access a rich ecosystem of tools and out-of-the-box functionalities that help create engaging and personalized shopping experiences on laptops as well as mobile devices as a huge part of online shopping takes place on our phones. They empower store owners to grow and meet the needs of modern business.

Flexible customization

Brands can tailor their online shops to align with their specific business needs and objectives through extensive customization options.

Integration opportunities

Supported by Adobe Experience Platform, the e-commerce platform can be integrated seamlessly with other Adobe products and services. As a result, companies can optimize their e-commerce operations, using comprehensive marketing and analytics tools.


Adobe Commerce provides brands with a reliable and scalable platform as they decide to expand their online presence. It is designed to manage substantial traffic and transactions.

Build remarkable B2C and B2B commerce experiences for your customers

Build remarkable B2C and B2B commerce experiences for your customers

Digital commerce moves fast. Combining online and offline sales (omnichannel) and attracting users from different geographical locations has become the standard. Customers want to buy from anywhere, at any time, and demand various delivery options. Are you in need of B2B e-commerce platforms or B2C e-commerce platforms? Look towards Adobe Commerce, which caters seamlessly to both business models.

With assistance from our e-commerce developers, business analysts and consultants, you can expand product catalog, handle increased traffic, and adapt to growing customer demands. Let us implement an e-commerce strategy that will ensure great customer service, unlock your sales and revenue potential.

Magento 2 & Allegro logo

Drive more transactions with the largest and most popular marketplace in Poland

Magento 2 & Ceneo logo

Expand to new distribution channels and grow your sales with the “Buy Now” option

Magento 2 & Poczta Polska logo

Take full control of all Poczta Polska deliveries from your Magento 2 store

Magento 2 & GLS logo

Connect your e-commerce orders with the GLS courier platform to increase efficiency

Magento 2 & DPD logo

DPD shipping management integrated into Magento online store

Magento 2 & Orlen Paczka logo

Automate shipments with digital integration of Magento 2 and Orlen Paczka

Magento 2 & Omnibus Directive Module logo

Seamless implementation of the EU Omnibus Directive for Magento 2 projects

Innovate your online store with our powerful extensions

On our GitHub repository, you can find numerous free modules, and in addition to that, we specialize in creating paid solutions, such as the Omnibus Directive module and the integration of Magento and Allegro. Our team is currently dedicated to developing an upgraded version of this integration module, ensuring seamless alignment with Allegro's latest guidelines. Following its completion, we intend to make this module accessible to users through a flexible monthly subscription plan.

Let us develop end-to-end e-commerce platforms perfectly aligned with the business needs. Share your ideas with us!

The easy way to start with Adobe Commerce?

Macopedia is a web development company that takes care of every aspect of your digital transformation project: consulting & strategy, e-commerce development, upgrade, integration, migration, custom software, and maintenance.

The ability to understand your business needs and provide customized solutions is a significant differentiating factor. This all ensures that we deliver high-quality and innovative e-commerce software to our clients.

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