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Poland’s first Magento B2B project based on Hyvä Themes.

  • System integrations
  • E-commerce B2B/B2C & omnichannel
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INOXA is a leading supplier of stainless and acid-resistant fasteners in Poland. The company has been operating on the polish market for over 20 years and has expanded its offer to 40,000 products, built a 1,500 m2 high-bay warehouse, gained over 6,100 customers and was awarded the title of Business Gazelle 10 times. The supplier needed a new, powerful sales tool with a refreshed design that would be dedicated to business customers (B2B). At the same time, the solution should respect the existing business model and contribute to building the image of a reliable, stable partner and an industry leader. Equally important for the client was the flexibility of the platform to allow for future expansion into new markets.

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Integration of a new B2B sales platform with an existing ERP system where processes are handled in a specific way.


  • Pre-Implementation Analysis and Integration with ERP Software

    The project was divided into two stages. We started the cooperation with a pre-implementation analysis that allowed us to get to know and understand the client's business needs better. Another important step during a series of workshops was the selection of an appropriate technological solution as well as discussing the possibilities in terms of integration with the current ERP software, which consists of many modules useful in the e-commerce industry.

  • Launch of E-Commerce Platform

    The second stage included the launch of the e-commerce platform. The customer decided to purchase an Adobe Commerce B2B license. This is a proven solution developed both for business clients and brands whose target audience are individual customers. It took us 5 months to implement the solution.

  • Hyvä Themes

    Additionally, a dedicated graphic design was created. It was implemented using Hyvä Themes which is a more flexible and developable option than Magento's default interface, Luma. Luma prevents you from making changes according to current code standards, causing limitations in optimizing your online store. Whereas Hyvä Themes give you much more possibilities to make modifications on the frontend of the website and, on top of that, they have a very big impact on SEO – the page load time and the server load are reduced. In the long run, as the business grows (integrations with external warehouses, new markets, etc.), it would be necessary to move the B2B platform to Hyvä or an alternative product anyway, otherwise, the client would have to spend budget and time on continuous optimization work.

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At the end of 2021, the client got a new INOXA B2B platform at,

giving the company's new and existing customers, among other things, the ability to go through a fast purchasing process via a personalized customer panel, submit requests for quotations, and track order history with a reorder option. Additionally, the site visitors can rely on the support of INOXA's consultant. Close collaboration between INOXA and Macopedia's implementation team resulted in more functionalities for logged-in users as well as multiple payment and delivery methods. All of this creates the opportunity for an exceptional user experience. Key to the smooth implementation and success of the project was the in-depth analysis and alignment of technology with business requirements.


  • Poland's first Magento B2B project based on Hyvä

    Hyvä is a new approach to the Magento frontend. Macopedia joined the group of providers of this solution, delivering the first B2B project in Poland. 

    The themes are designed with simplicity and quality in mind, but most importantly, Hyvä allows your Magento 2 store to achieve better performance results, which will be appreciated by the end user and Google indexing robots.

  • Facilitated integration with ERP solution

    Apart from the implementation of a new B2B platform, the client indicated a need to integrate it with Comarch ERP XL. This is another reason why Adobe Commerce B2B was the choice. Magento 2 not only helps build a modern e-commerce ecosystem, but also provides a very powerful, out of the box API, which greatly speeds up integration with other tools, including a system that supports business management (ERP).

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