Modern translation solution for today's business challenges & getting more out of Akeneo

Simplify the translation process within your product information management system

Simplify the translation process within your product information management system

At Macopedia, we understand the importance of cheap, fast and quality translations for successful business expansion. With years of experience in developing digital products, we have merged the capabilities of Akeneo PIM and Google Cloud Translation API to bring you Akeneo Product Attributes Translator. It’s a free plug-in for automatic translation of tens of thousands of attributes into multiple languages. Experience a better way of translating your product content! Contact us today to learn more about how our translation solution can revolutionize your product localization effort.

Benefits for your organization

Streamline global market expansion and create cross-border commerce

Accelerate time-to-market and manage translations efficiently

Overcome language barriers and increase customer satisfaction

Key features

Full automation & update in your Akeneo environment

The translation plugin facilitates collaboration among team members involved in the translation process. They can select product attributes, add, review and edit translations for Akeneo, and stay updated on progress and warnings, directly within a single interface. Your products are automatically translated and localized in the language of your choice. That’s a huge time saver!

Full automation & update in your Akeneo environment

Easy to implement

Adding the translation extension to the Akeneo system is a straightforward process, with minimal configuration requirements that guarantee a smooth user experience. Akeneo Product Attribute Translator is compatible with the newest Akeneo versions and works seamlessly with existing workflows. It is a bundle that anyone can use!

Easy to implement

Proven solution from Google with extensive language support

Businesses operate in diverse markets and target different markets so the solution should support bulk translation and diverse languages & locales. With our plugin, you can translate large volumes of product data from one channel and one language into the target channel and target locale, using the industry-trusted Google Cloud Translation API.

Proven solution from Google with extensive language support

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How it works

Akeneo Product Attributes Translator is designed with your business in mind

Overcoming translation challenges is essential for businesses to thrive in multilingual environments. Did the methods you experimented with prove to be ineffective? If you want to communicate with target audiences worldwide, you need our plug-in! With a wide range of supported languages, Akeneo Product Attribute Translator enables businesses to create a fully localized experience for their customers, resulting in improved engagement, and increased conversions.

Interested? You can download the plugin as your daily-use tool. By visiting our GitHub repository, you gain access to a community of developers who actively contribute to the continuous improvement of this translation solution. We provide you with clear configuration and documentation. You can also access the translator in the official Akeneo App Store!

Translate product attribute values fast and easily

Translate product attribute values fast and easily – Free Download

Akeneo Product Attributes Translator by Macopedia offers features you need! We provide companies with a powerful multilingual tool to streamline workflows, and achieve linguistic accuracy and brand consistency across multiple languages. It enhances overall productivity, and empowers businesses to expand their reach and gain a competitive edge. Witness the power of streamlined Akeneo product translation and get your product data multilingual in minutes!

Tailor-made extensions to meet your needs and ensure a seamless PIM experience

Rather than just offering standard solutions, we strive for real progress – achieve PIM excellence with customized extensions! Our team of experienced Akeneo developers and business consultants understands the complexity of PIM projects and the challenges businesses face in managing product information effectively. Do you need ‘extra’ functionality for your PIM? Reach out to us today to discuss your goals and adapt the application to your unique requirements.

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