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High-value custom software that sets you apart from the competition

Why custom solutions and on-demand software? It’s a fair question. Staying competitive in today’s digital world can be challenging for many enterprises. You have to differentiate yourself from the crowd, let your voice be heard, and turn creative ideas into functional products users can rely on. When looking for someone to consult and develop your custom application with unique features and functionality, you need a reliable solutions provider who builds on time and within the stipulated scope. A dedicated team will design solutions to fit even the most complex custom software development projects. We provide clients with customized, robust, and secure web applications and offer end-to-end web development services: business analysis, engineering, testing, as well as seamless integration, successful deployment and maintenance.

Web app development

Think outside the box
– We support clients in creating innovative products

We utilize modern frontend and backend technology stacks to make your app directly suited to your specific requirements. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of high-load backend development which is powering your web-based applications, without compromising performance.

It's also crucially important that user interfaces are attractive, responsive, accessible and intuitive to your end users so that they can enjoy experiencing your website. Trust your project to our experienced frontend developers and backend developers. A well-built, efficient application architecture will result in a seamless user experience.

Why agile web app development?

Reduced risk

Fast iterations & frequent releases reduce development risks. You will identify and address issues early on in the development process.

Specific business needs

Constant focus on the business value and prioritizing features and functionality that are the most important.

Visibility and control

Companies can monitor project progress every step of the way, enabling stakeholders to make more informed decisions.

Competitive differentiation

Enter new markets and open new revenue streams with your original product and unique functionality.

Improved quality

Testing and feedback are integrated throughout the development process, leading to high-quality end results.

Faster time-to-market

Agile development enables faster release cycles, which means you can get your web app to market faster.

Greater flexibility

Build adaptable and scalable infrastructures, and maximize the chance of long-term success.

Continuous improvements

Applications are scalable and can grow as the business grows, and you can add new features to the application as needed.

Improved user experience

Custom web applications can be designed with the end user in mind, resulting in more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

The right processes to ensure 100% coverage of project objectives, match budget & timelines

Without the standards-based code and proper software methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean software development in place, it would be difficult for your company to respond to changing priorities and demand for new features in a timely manner. Custom app development is an iterative process of building a dedicated, well-performed software solution that meets unique business needs and creates a significant strategic advantage. To help with this, we put collaboration over contract negotiations and break your big project down into sprints in order to prioritize, prove the main assumptions, estimate project scope, prepare product backlog, and optimize resources. Agile projects are almost 1.5 times more successful than waterfall projects so it has become the preferred model of choice for software development and project management. Agile project management promotes coherent procedures, continuous delivery and adaptability of the project. It provides the opportunity to make changes as needed and gives your business the foundation for speed and flexibility.

That’s why we apply it to everything we do. After a few sprints of the agile process you will see the difference! Work with our agile consultants who will help you overcome challenges and leverage the power of digital transformation. Our success as a custom application development company lies in over 100 projects which fulfill a wide array of business verticals. We don’t create a custom app from scratch. We integrate third-party solutions, e.g. CMS (Content Management System), PIM (Product Information Management) or e-commerce platforms, then adjust the code, customize and design accordingly. At Macopedia, we help you adopt the rising capabilities of headless technologies which are changing the face of commerce as headless architecture allows you to build whichever frontend you want. Discuss your custom web application development project with us and let's talk specifics of your digital transformation!

Our web solutions for custom business requirements

  • Dedicated product team at your service

    Our team of 80+ specialists will transform your business and support you at every stage of development to ensure optimal performance. We are IT consultants, business analysts, e-commerce experts and certified software developers.

  • Client first. We treat each cooperation individually

    We respect your processes. We will acknowledge your project’s custom requirements and combine them with best strategies for every industry: education, fashion, sports & entertainment, travel & logistics, FMCG, or healthcare & beauty.

  • We build fast and right

    We deliver approaches and long-term directions necessary for smooth deployment. Combining our strong commitment to quality with proven digital transformation processes and open-source mindset, we will help your business run fast and smooth. Digital solutions we create together with our clients are complex in functionality, but easy to use. Get the job done right!

  • We are agile and transparent

    Having worked with business leaders from various industries, we have learned to adapt to new challenges quickly. Agile project management enables us to reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership, establish a secure development process, and ensure on-time delivery and operational transparency. We value close collaboration and open communication above all.

  • Proven expertise. Because results matter

    Our competencies are the result of over 10 years of software development practice. With 100+ delivered IT projects, we have the extensive expertise required to point you in the most suitable direction and discover scaling opportunities.

  • Full-cycle development on your terms

    We're here for you to provide consulting services from the idea all the way to the market. Every project starts with a discovery phase. After a detailed business analysis we present you with a variety of recommendations, guiding you on choosing technologies, planning strategies, end-to-end implementation, integration, optimization, ongoing support (even after launch).

Any sector, any software development need. We offer comprehensive services, support and technical knowledge to partners in the most innovative industries.

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