T3 Headless technology iconRelaunch of kartamultisport.pl on TYPO3 Headless&PWA

Relaunch of kartamultisport.pl on TYPO3 Headless&PWA

We have been cooperating with Benefit Systems, the founder of Multisport Program, since 2016, being their key technological partner at the same time.

We take pride in realizing digital projects together, projects which provide users with various functions. The effects of our foregoing cooperation are websites and campaigns used by thousands of people, including MultiSport users such as:

Our latest realization is a relaunch of kartamultisport.pl platform. The purpose was to implement a service based on a UX graphic project and build the whole infrastructure. It was essential for the client to meet the deadline of this project (less than a month and a half), which required a very smooth communication between both teams and an effective realization of the assumptions of the project.

The results  of Macopedia and Benefit Systems cooperation came quickly. The project turned out to be a considerable success just a few days after launching the platform. There was a banner number of registered visits through the application: more than 6000 !

The primary goal of kartamultisport.pl website was to share extra services of Benefit Systems with MultiSport users. Taking them into account the website offers functionalities such as: user profile, topical blog or attractive contests. The platform is built in TYPO3 Headless & PWA technology which combines corporate portal CMS – TYPO3 system and PWA application. You can read more about it here.

The key aspect of the project was user migration onto the new website and providing availability of all the other services.  Apart from moving foregoing functionalities we added new ones such as Yes2Move - online trainings which you can do at home.

Benefit Systems has been choosing TYPO3 (CMS) system for content management of their corporate implementations for a few years already. The system characterised by safety, stability and reliability – which make it an ideal product  to build huge platforms. Therefore, there were no doubts about choosing the best CMS which is TYPO3 also for this migration.

The innovation in the project for Benefit Systems Group was taking advantage of TYPO3 possibilities within Headless applications which are a new standard in microservice delivery. Thanks to this functionality it is possible for CMS to send data to users’ application built as PWA application based on Vue.js and Nuxt. It gives clients a website which:

  • reflects mobile application functionality,
  • supports the latest recommendations within SEO (Google Lighthouse)
  • works much faster,
  • works even with a limited Internet access.

We anticipated a heavy application overload which would be caused by user movement. To provide application scalability we decided to implement conterization using Docker. The process of orchestration was supported by Kubernetes. The whole infrastucture was prepared by our DevOps team together with the client.

The whole project was implemented rapidly. Our works were completed within about 1,5 month – therefore, the client was able to launch the platform on schedule. Like in our previous projects the team worked in Scrum. Our developers were in constant touch with the client who simultaneously had an insight into the process, budget and work progress. We achieve such a transparency level by integration tools like Jira and regular statuses of a project team.

The foregoing projects are still in progress and the cooperation with Benefit Systems is carried on. Our constant goal is to provide the client with the best functionalities and new possibilities.