on-line pharmacy with magento enterprise

"We have completed many big projects with external
contractors in the past but the Apteline platform with
Macopedia was definitely the best one.
Macopedia team showed us what SCRUM
really is and how to properly use it.

Dariusz Maciejewski
Project Director, NEUCA Group

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Apteline is a “click and collect” platform that allows customers to reserve medications online and collect them in pharmacies anywhere in Poland. This innovative project is open to independent pharmacies without online stores, looking to expand their activity.  

Apteline is a website owned by NEUCA group, a market leader in the Polish healthcare industry. For the past 25 years this fast growing company has been expanding its reach on the pharmaceutical and medical market, focusing its major activities on pharmaceutical distribution. As a wholesaler, NEUCA does not own any pharmacies - that is why the company decided to employ an e-commerce model supporting its partner pharmacies.
In January 2016 NEUCA announced a tender to find a contractor to build the Apteline platform. In addition to ordering and checking the availability of medications, the website was to consist of a compendium of information about medicines, online pharmacist advice as well as the latest medical news. 


One of the first tasks was the preparation of Product Information Management (PIM) according to the specific needs of the client - the pharmaceutical industry is tightly regulated regarding the way in which medications are being presented and described, for example there are differences in which prescribed and over-the-counter medicines can be shown to the customer. 

An advanced integration of information and warehouse inventory systems was necessary for the proper functioning of Apteline. NEUCA’s ERP SAP system had to be integrated with PIM, and PIM was synchronized with the Apteline platform available to the users. Additionally, the SAP system was integrated with the online shop directly to ensure the smooth and quick flow of information, for example to check the warehouse stock when booking a product on Apteline. It was also important to determine what sort of information had to be synchronized and with what frequency.  

In order to build a platform offering a wide scope of information via guides, articles and a compendium of knowledge, it was crucial to implement a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow users to easily add and modify content. For that purpose Macopedia used an advanced TYPO3 system designed for easier and more flexible content management. 

NEUCA’s infrastructure had to be adapted to serve specific needs of B2C selling and the high traffic on the website. Macopedia proposed Cloud based solutions - thanks to employing High Availability solutions through Microsoft Azure cloud applications it was possible to ensure stability and scalability of the platform.  


The choice of Macopedia as a partner was dictated by considerable experience, open approach and most importantly product development process based on SCRUM, an agile project management framework renowned for its flexibility, close cooperation with the client and clarity of the progress of the project. 

Platform Aptelne.pl already has over 1000 farmacies. The website was officially launched at the beginning of 2017 when the platform opened its services to customers in the entire country. The platform is very efficient, works impeccably and allows visitors to easily find and order medications online. Thanks to the implemented CMS, editors can develop the website further and add new content.

Happy with the cooperation with Macopedia and their successful use of the Agile methodology, NEUCA’s team decided to take full advantage of such an approach and employed the SCRUM framework for other projects.