Experience the future of translation for Akeneo PIM and drive multilingual success

Akeneo OpenAI Translator for multilingual product information management

Akeneo OpenAI Translator for multilingual product information management

Why struggle with time-consuming translation processes in your product information management system when you can effortlessly streamline the localization of your language-specific product data? Unlock a world of possibilities with OpenAI Translator and redefine the way you manage multilingual content. This free translation extension utilizes the well-balanced combination of Akeneo and ChatGPT (via OpenAI API). Thanks to a mass translation option, you can translate selected text attributes into one or more languages for a wide range of products.

Benefits for your organization

Strengthen your brand and connect with audiences around the world

Enrich customer experiences in every market and in any language

Reduce time to market and translation costs

Key features

Language synchronization and efficient translation workflow

Our innovative translation solution enables you to unlock the translation capabilities directly from the admin panel, all with just a few clicks. Thanks to an easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can track the translation process, keep everything organized and find the Akeneo translation you need. Products are automatically updated with the translations and localized into the new languages.

Language synchronization & efficient translation workflow

Seamless implementation

No complex setups are required – simply download and configure the extension, and manage product translations within your Akeneo PIM system. You can access it within a range of product bulk actions.

Seamless implementation

Language coverage

Powered by the cutting-edge ChatGPT, the plugin allows for instant translating attributes into any language. All you need to do is to choose attributes to translate, define the target locale and target channel.

Language coverage

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How it works

Add OpenAI Translator to your Akeneo PIM – It's Free!

Break free from the burden of manual translations and embrace a new era of efficient, automated product content localization. OpenAI Translator is a multilingual tool that empowers businesses to break language barriers and accelerate global market expansion while maintaining consistency and professionalism. Let it do the work for you, and enjoy cheap and intuitive text attribute translations with Artificial Intelligence. Visit our GitHub repository today to access the extension, dive into the documentation, and requirements necessary to run OpenAI attributes translator for Akeneo.

Don't miss out on this game-changing and reliable translation plugin. It is 100% open code and available in the official Akeneo App Store! We provide instructions, ensuring a smooth setup. If you have any questions about our free plug-in, feel free to contact our consulting team.

AI translation feature to boost team productivity and enhance internationalization

AI translation feature to boost team productivity and enhance internationalization

Do you want to save time, reduce manual errors, and increase sales? OpenAI Translator eliminates the need for external translation services and empowers you to handle translations for Akeneo in-house with a simple mass editing process.

With our tool, the enterprises can maximize their return on investment & allocate resources to other critical business areas, and drive engagement by providing localized content that resonates with their customers' preferences.

We design custom extensions for you to optimize PIM processes

With our extensive experience in PIM projects, we develop new solutions that seamlessly integrate with Akeneo, enhancing its functionality and unlocking new possibilities for your company. We collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business operation and goals.

With this in mind, our Akeneo experts and developers can deliver tailored extensions that align perfectly with your requirements. Partner with us to take your Akeneo PIM implementation to new heights.

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