Already have your ecommerce in Magento? We can improve and boost your sales.
Need a fast e-shop? We can deliver fast results.

SEO and mobile FRIENDLY

Magento is designed to be search engine friendly by default

Magento is one of the most search engine friendly
e-commerce platforms straight out of the box.
This is why you don't need to do much in order
to improve the on-page SEO of a Magento website.
Thanks to this ecommerce your store will be willingly
visited, remembered and loved by customers
which bring us straight to the fact that more traffic
will be generate on your website.
That is all you need for succeed.

Fast, faster,
the fastest

You will be stunned by your website’s fast loading

We use Varnish servers for speed up the website. Thanks to that page does not have to loading over and over again. That is why your website will be ready to go in less than 50 ms. Isn’t it impressive?

It is Easy to run
your ecommerce

All you need is here

With simple user interface and other facilities Magento helps you running your business fast and smooth. With possibilities to integrate with external ERP/CRM systems and ready for the cloud,
it guarantees your success and saves your time and money.

All and more
for your customers

With Magento e-shopping is pure pleasure

Magento knows how to take your customers under the spell so they keep coming back for more. The reasons are, among many others, atractive features for your products and rich search possibilities. Simple as that but it is working! We have tested it.


No worries. This is Magento

We are one of the biggest Magento vendor
in Poland. The system itself is very safe
for your customers thanks to SSL protocol
and special IP. It has also various
methods of payments and integration with
all platforms for better performance.


All you need and more

In Magento you can use many
extensions to boost your sales and satisfy
your clients. Probably that is one
of the reasons Magento is number 1
ecommerce on the world.


Professionals you deserve

We care about quality of our services.
That is why we are constantly developing
and improving our skills. Proof of this are
a lot of certificates such as Magento Certified Developer
and Magento Certified Developer Plus.
We guarantee successful implementation of your website.

Stay up to date

Magento is fully integrated with Google Analytics,
Google Tag Manager and Google Checkout.
These tools help you creating reports about sale statistics
and current traffic on your website. In the end, it is crucial
to know all the details about your customers behaviour
to make your e-shop more and more effective.

More than 25% world’s ecommerce use Magento

Lots of companies from all over the world trusted in Magento Enterprise.
Its innovative methods are appreciated by  Lindtt La Boutique,
Men'sHealth, Nespresso, Nike, The North Face, Pentel, GANT
and Mostrami.
What is worth, Magento has the biggest
index of companies changing their ecommerce for Magento.

There is no hidden costs

Magento is open source software which means
there is no need to pay licence or any kind of commisions
to start using this platform. The other advantage
is very big community consists of people with passion
who are growing the product. For that reasons
you can be certain that you get stable and secure product
with Premium quality and support.