Effective PIM implementation

will allow you to manage large amounts of product data easily and automatically. Learn about the leading PIM solutions Akeneo and Pimcore and how they will enable you to centrally manage your product data.

Take steps to enhance the product experience

The latest statistics highlight the increasing importance of a strong product information management. The uncertainty of waiting and lack of options in the buying experience bother modern buyers more than ever. Even minor mistakes in your product content can cost you a customer as there are thousands of similar goods out there. Therefore, it is essential for companies to provide their clients with high-quality, complete and valuable product information at all stages of the customer journey. How do you actually do that? If you claim to be a strong brand, you should maximize user engagement by making the most of rich digital assets, and building emotional connection with buyers during the research and buying process. That’s where the digital transformation and PIM come in and provide value right out of the gate. We share business and technical expertise needed for successful PIM implementations (Product Information Management) and satisfying the demands of your buyers for personalized shopping.

Complete PIM solution

Akeneo and Pimcore – Complete PIM solutions

PIM is all about delivering the right information at the right time and context for the right channel. No matter how complex your catalog is, feel confident that our team will develop scalable solutions and features ready to serve millions of users.

Implementing Pimcore and Akeneo can revolutionize how businesses manage and optimize their product experiences. The platforms empower businesses to engage customers with relevant product content, leading to increased customer engagement and driving business growth.

Why Product Information Management?

Centralize product data

PIM is a key in eliminating dispersed product-related information. You will deliver the right data to the right place, at the right time.

High-quality content

You can control the product data quality as PIM ensures that your content is complete and accurate at every stage of the buying process.

Customer satisfaction

By offering relevant, accurate and quality data across the commercial ecosystem, you can provide a great customer experience (CX).

Stronger brand loyalty

Product information management helps you gain the trust of your audience, drive brand awareness and engage new customers.

Boost conversions

Users aren't interested in buying from businesses with poor, misleading content. Extensive product data makes them more certain about a purchase.

Reduce time-to-market

With an efficient PIM strategy, you will automate and streamline processes to get to market faster (product launch or catalog update).

Enhance team productivity

Centralized data sets are a good foundation for boosting operational efficiency and reducing manual tasks related to product data management.

Make decisions faster

Your teams have complete visibility on your entire offer across all brand channels so they can react quickly and effectively.

Lower return rates

The leading cause of returns are unmet expectations about the product. Access to detailed, accurate product data is extremely important to your customers.

Evolve your portfolio management towards data-driven strategy and product enrichment

A solid PIM system will be a foundation of building a good PIM practice, handling up to millions of SKUs. Need expert help to select the right software to control your product information and omnichannel strategy? You’ve come to the right address. A portfolio of 100+ projects we delivered has granted us recognition and we will support you on your PIM journey, regardless of the industry or company size. Rely on proven product development to meet diverse customer needs in real-time, ensure recurring sales and great customer service! With a set of right tools and analytics, we are able to shadow user behavior and identify friction points.

At Macopedia, we offer end-to-end services that go beyond PIM development. Our distinguishing factor lies in our profound knowledge and mastery in implementing and integrating PIM systems (AkeneoPimcore), CMS systems (TYPO3) and e-commerce platforms (Magento, Adobe Commerce, Shopware), combined with our ability to create appealing user interfaces. The dedicated project team will seamlessly integrate the solution into an existing enterprise ecosystem, automate processes, and optimize for different sales channels, both online and offline (e.g. print catalogs, marketplaces, web stores, apps, social media). This strategy will quickly bring higher ROI, increased awareness and reduced manual work.

Integration of PIM, e-commerce and CMS

Transforming today's product information challenges into tomorrow's opportunities

Today’s buyers no longer base their purchases on price and product alone. Compelling and persuasive product experience (PX) are expected at every touchpoint along the customer journey. Because of this, we perform data modeling and product content analysis, standardize, personalize, and contextualize your brand's digital portfolio. Let us analyze what your business is missing, and how you can improve your product content now.

We help you manage all the data you have and give you the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell related articles by implementing the best PIM solutions – Akeneo and Pimcore. With their strong emphasis on data management, personalization, and multichannel delivery, the platforms offer indispensable resources to excel in product information management.

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    Ultimate PIM for managing and simplifying your product data at lightning speed

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    Complete solution for customer experience and product information management

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Our Pimcore & Akeneo case studies

  • Dedicated product team at your service

    Our team of 80+ specialists will transform your business and support you at every stage of development to ensure optimal performance. We are IT consultants, business analysts, e-commerce experts and certified software developers.

  • Client first. We treat each cooperation individually

    We respect your processes. We will acknowledge your project’s custom requirements and combine them with best strategies for every industry: education, fashion, sports & entertainment, travel & logistics, FMCG, or healthcare & beauty.

  • We build fast and right

    We deliver approaches and long-term directions necessary for smooth deployment. Combining our strong commitment to quality with proven digital transformation processes and open-source mindset, we will help your business run fast and smooth. Digital solutions we create together with our clients are complex in functionality, but easy to use. Get the job done right!

  • We are agile and transparent

    Having worked with business leaders from various industries, we have learned to adapt to new challenges quickly. Agile project management enables us to reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership, establish a secure development process, and ensure on-time delivery and operational transparency. We value close collaboration and open communication above all.

  • Proven expertise. Because results matter

    Our competencies are the result of over 10 years of software development practice. With 100+ delivered IT projects, we have the extensive expertise required to point you in the most suitable direction and discover scaling opportunities.

  • Full-cycle development on your terms

    We're here for you to provide consulting services from the idea all the way to the market. Every project starts with a discovery phase. After a detailed business analysis we present you with a variety of recommendations, guiding you on choosing technologies, planning strategies, end-to-end implementation, integration, optimization, ongoing support (even after launch).

Any sector, any software development need. We offer comprehensive services, support and technical knowledge to partners in the most innovative industries.

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