Akeneo technology iconDoes Akeneo rule them all?

Does Akeneo rule them all?

If you thought about implementing a platform that is easy to use, you are already one step away from success! Are you dreaming of a higher conversion rate in your company? This is just one of the competitive advantages of Akeneo PIM. 

Maria Kozerska Project Manager

What else makes Akeneo such a popular PIM?

  • need of creating tool like Akeneo comes from e-commerce environment and that’s why Akeneo is adjusted perfectly to e-commerce needs and requirements 
  • ease of use, low entry threshold for users, intuitive interface
  • easy integration with existing or new systems, e.g. ERP, e-commerce 
  • a wide selection of features that make it easier to work with the product, enrich its informations, verifying if all necessary data are collected and product can be published
  • established position on the market, transparent roadmap of its development, large funding from investors
  • large marketplace where you can find  connectors and plugins if there’s an additional feature you need to add your Akeneo
  • extensive infrastructure of systems and solutions that will help you to use data from Akeneo not only for digital purposes but also for print (e.g. InBetween)

Using PIM software, you can increase productivity and get products to market faster. By having complete product experiences you can increase conversions while decreasing returns. Akeneo PIM is the solution you need to scale your business and improve product experiences.