How can you measure your team's productivity in

How can you measure your team's productivity in Jira?

A project can take unpredictable turns on its way to be finished. Analyzing the reasons for a business success or failure helps to improve the process. Choosing the right metrics can be a tough nut to crack though. One of the most significant is productivity. 

Throughput - Productivity allows you to check:

  • regularity and speed of delivery of the team tasks;
  • the efficiency of the team;
  • trend and predictability of the team;
  • identification of periods when the delivery of work slows down and locating the reasons for such a state.

Many of us use Jira to track the productivity of the team’s job, but do we exactly know how to measure it in our projects? Our Project Manager - Łukasz gives you a clue on how to do it!

Łukasz Redecki_Project Manager
  • Create the right JQL query for your project.

project = "XXXXXXX" AND status changed to done AFTER -7d ORDER BY created DESC

For projects where we consider another status for to be done, we can move part of it to change to 

Then we set the time when we're checking the number of completed tasks for the week. If you need additional information, you can change the after -7d part to the one suitable for you. Remember then to create a separate filter.

  • Create an appropriate filter for the query. You will need to make separate filters for each project.

For a JQL query,  click  Save as button. 

You name it according to a specific scheme Throughput - [Project Name]. Your filters are automatically marked for you with a star (Starred). It's recommended to leave them with it to have better access to them.

  1. Go to the list of all filters. Select Filters and then Search all filters.
  2. In the list of all filters, click three dots and choose Manage subscriptions.
  3. Add a new subscription via the Add Subscription button on the right. Then Select Personal subscription and Days per Week.

    Other options:
  • Interval - once per day
  • at - 3:00 pm
  • Friday

    Select Email this filter, even if there are no issues found. Then save it. 

What do we strive for?

We want to close each week to as many tasks as possible. We try to make sure that:

  • Our tasks are as small as possible - so we can see the progress together with the Client and the Team, and we can price the tasks more easily. It’s  good practice to set the time of one task to a maximum of 8 hours.