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Macopedia Wins TYPO3 Community Budget for Advanced Image Rendering and ACL Enchantments

We are thrilled to announce that Macopedia has been selected by the TYPO3 Association members to bring two innovative ideas to life in the first quarter of 2024. Our proposals for 'Image Rendering Initiative' and 'ACL Improvements' have received overwhelming support from the TYPO3 community, and we are eager to begin these exciting projects.

Advanced Image Rendering:

Our team is set to revamp TYPO3's image processing capabilities. Our roadmap includes a thorough analysis of the current state, exploring market solutions, and developing a technical blueprint for implementation.

ACL Enhancements:

We plan to conduct an in-depth analysis of TYPO3's current ACL setup, researching its usage in various website sizes and interactions with core extensions. The project will involve community feedback and result in a technical document outlining best practices and the implementation of ready to use presets as a core patch.

Stay tuned for our series of blog posts detailing the journey of these projects from conception to implementation. We're excited to contribute significantly to the TYPO3 community with these initiatives.