Meet Magento PL 2017

Meet Magento Poland 2017

As every year, we took part in the Meet Magento event, this time in the attractive location of Old Zajezdnia in Cracow. Meet Magento is a series of international conferences focused on e-commerce and development of the Magento platform. Such topics as business and online sales are also discussed. Our team had the opportunity to listen to lectures, analyze case studies and take part in practical workshops.

Magento insights

For 2 days our schedule was all filled up. Presentations and workshops took place in different zones: Speech Zone, Business Room and Technology Room. Coming to the conference above all we expected professional knowledge and fresh insights on Magento. Our developers learned some new tricks with Magento 2, under the guidance of outstanding speakers. Each of participants could have an impact on the discussed topics by asking questions which often led to an interesting debates. Presented solutions and tools will undoubtedly facilitate our day-to-day work.

We also liked the path of lectures entitled "Academy of e-commerce manager” which was focused on business and management of e-commerce projects. Between lectures we relaxed a little  in the Chill Zone and enjoyed some of VR attractions.

Magento supports patients, CS Neuca

We also had the opportunity to present our case study and tell about creation of an innovative e-commerce platform:, made with client Neuca Group. This is a first "order-and-return" platform in Poland, that enables patients to order online medications and receive them at pharmacies. Already 700 pharmacies from all over Poland have joined the programme, and their number is constantly growing.

Our CEO Tomasz Grzemski talked about the challenges and successes of the project. One of them was the organization of cooperation between two independent teams of developers - Macopedia and NEUCA, located in a different cities (Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń, Cracow). Thanks to the Agile and Scrum methodology, we have achieved all our goals, set in the beginning of the project.

Great ideas require great technology solutions