T3 Headless technology iconRemote TYPO3 Headless & PWA CodeSprint

Remote TYPO3 Headless & PWA CodeSprint

We invite developers and integrators to join the open-source initiative and TYPO3 Headless & PWA CodeSprint on 9–10th of July. Due to the current situation, we stay safe and meet remotely. The event will last for two days straight.

The Progressive Web Application initiative

The Progressive Web Application initiative was officially introduced during the last TYPO3 Conference 2019 in Hague and has been developed ever since.

During the sprint, we will work on both the TYPO3 API and JS application. We’re planning to address issues like:

  • improving documentation
  • adding more tests to headless
  • publishing and tuning the support for EXT:Form, EXT:powermail and EXT:solr for Headless (both frontend and API side)
  • tuning compatibility of headless when having multiple websites in one installation (headless and non-headless)
  • investigating how to simplify the server proxy config (e.g. to be able to reuse the same domain for frontend and API)
  • adding cross-domain link support
  • upgrading nuxt-typo3 to newest vue.js version
  • adding more commonly used parts to nuxt-typo3

… and more.

Skills required (just one from the list is enough):

  • TYPO3 Development skills if you want to get involved in improving the API
  • Vue.js knowledge (ideally being familiar with nuxt.js) if you want to work on JS application.
  • Technical writing skills for helping with documentation
  • Testing skills

Are you new to the TYPO3 Headless and PWA? Watch our webinar

To start fun you need the system with a working Docker, Docker-compose, DDEV, and Mkcer (installation instructions of DDEV)

More info:

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can find us on TYPO3 Slack (channel #initiative-pwa).