Together we can run the world! Literally!

Together we can run the world! Literally!

Macopedia Sport Team

The longest marathon in the world is equivalent to running from New York to Los Angeles which is about 4,300 km! On Sunday June 8th our Macopedia team ran 42km in the EKIDEN PragmatIQ marathon.

Pretty impressive? Well.. what is even more impressive that as many as twelve of Macopedia runners decided to challenge themselves! Let us tell you, we definitely discovered muscles in our bodies we didn’t even know existed. Check out our video from the EKIDEN marathon.

Few of MacoRunners trained for weeks, some of them even for months… We stretched, geared up and challenged ourselves. There was a lot of laughs and even more sweat. Our goal was simple: run as fast as we could and have as much fun as possible. Just like we do it on a daily basis designing, coding, programming and managing great projects for our clients.

The run not only reminded us how important it is to work out regularly, it also gave us an endorphin boost and a memorable day filled with fun. We must admit: there is always some sort of crazy bond forming pretty much instantaneously during the marathon day. Keep your eyes open because we are aiming for even better results next year and there are many runs ahead of us.