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Standardizing enterprise resources and company’s operations has become a big headache for many manufacturers, retailers, or distributors who are still struggling to capture significant value from it. Whether you’re a mid-size or large enterprise, it’s never too late to look at your core business processes with fresh eyes. With this in mind, you can gain an advantage over less-efficient competitors and move into the future. Who doesn’t want to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, or provide the fastest possible delivery to the customers? Start by choosing modern, integrated Odoo apps. You can leave it all upon our IT consultants to analyze, develop, maintain, and take care of different aspects of your organization, including e-commerce, HR, CRM, ERP, accounting, invoicing, sales, point of sale, project management, and inventory management. Choose us as your implementation partner to provide professional development services and advise you during the selection of modules that will cover your every business need. With Macopedia, you have real-time information, allowing you to manage the entire order lifecycle, organize shipping and logistics.

Odoo software

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Remember: innovative solutions for industry 4.0 help you collect and analyze large amounts of valuable data, or optimize all aspects of your manufacturing and supply chain management. Once implemented, you are able to monitor, manage and control your workflows, assets, and product quality.

For example, if your machines are equipped with sensors and use algorithms or you perform predictive maintenance and simulate a production process – you can improve capacity, deliver a satisfactory return on investment and predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen.

Why Odoo ERP & CRM?

Better Analytics

Generate various reports and dashboards, make data-driven decisions easier and faster based on real-time reporting.

Integrated business processes

There’s no need for multiple software solutions. You manage data in one single place and provide a streamlined approach to business management.

Happy customers

It’s an excellent business management software that can improve customer experience in many different ways and increase loyalty.

Stay competitive in the market

Prevent machine downtime, identify areas of improvement & address issues without human intervention which will separate you from the competition.


Odoo is highly scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business and can grow with the business as it expands.

Workflow/process automation

You can eliminate redundant tasks, reduce errors and focus on more critical issues for your business.

Increased productivity

By automating your most tedious tasks, you can maximize operational efficiency and improve employee productivity.

Save money

Deliver products and services to market faster, cheaper, and with better quality as the software unifies many systems in your organization and centralizes information.

Better decision-making

Software for enterprise resource planning can analyze large amounts of data and present it in a way that is easy to understand.

Enter the world of industry 4.0 to differentiate and revolutionize your brand

After an order is placed by a customer, the sale is not complete because it has to come from somewhere, right? Before even considering selling, you have to think about storage, finance, warehousing and shipping, and make sure every order goes out perfectly. Each point in the journey presents an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. This is where open-source ERP solutions and CRM software are needed. If you don’t digitize your supply chain operations or track customer interactions, you will be left behind. Even the slightest mistake, delay, slow or missing deliveries, running out of stock could disrupt the entire process and put the reputation of your company at stake. Delivery expectations are the most common processing and order fulfillment challenges – 38% of online shoppers declared that they would abandon their order if the estimated delivery time exceeds a week.

These days, it’s all about smart solutions, intelligent services and products that can be continuously improved thanks to real-time data, efficiency dashboard, or rich data analysis & intelligence. What a relief it is that you can accelerate your business’ growth by embracing industry 4.0 technologies. It’s the ERP implementation and integration that makes it possible for modern factories to transit to the more powerful and smarter technologies seamlessly – create more & waste less. Yes! There are many possibilities of improvement: recognition system, remote monitoring, automation of routine operations, complex modeling, intelligent assets, simulation processes, vertical and horizontal integration, connectivity, quality control systems, robotics. At the end, you’ll have a live product ready for your team and your customers to use. Getting your buyers what they need, when and where they need it – will no longer be a challenge.

Odoo business apps

Fully-featured CRM & ERP system to drive innovation and reach your fullest digitalisation potential

Grow your business through ERP technology that automates time-intensive business processes: from picking and packing, through to shipment to the end customer. To do so, we seamlessly integrate our consulting, technology and industry practices to ensure smooth digital transformation and the opportunity to grow. Start to do business in a new way! And let us help you implement ERP functionality right into your ecosystem, and connect with third-party vendors and suppliers.

Our Odoo case studies

  • Dedicated product team at your service

    Our team of 80+ specialists will transform your business and support you at every stage of development to ensure optimal performance. We are IT consultants, business analysts, e-commerce experts and certified software developers.

  • Client first. We treat each cooperation individually

    We respect your processes. We will acknowledge your project’s custom requirements and combine them with best strategies for every industry: education, fashion, sports & entertainment, travel & logistics, FMCG, or healthcare & beauty.

  • We build fast and right

    We deliver approaches and long-term directions necessary for smooth deployment. Combining our strong commitment to quality with proven digital transformation processes and open-source mindset, we will help your business run fast and smooth. Digital solutions we create together with our clients are complex in functionality, but easy to use. Get the job done right!

  • We are agile and transparent

    Having worked with business leaders from various industries, we have learned to adapt to new challenges quickly. Agile project management enables us to reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership, establish a secure development process, and ensure on-time delivery and operational transparency. We value close collaboration and open communication above all.

  • Proven expertise. Because results matter

    Our competencies are the result of over 10 years of software development practice. With 100+ delivered IT projects, we have the extensive expertise required to point you in the most suitable direction and discover scaling opportunities.

  • Full-cycle development on your terms

    We're here for you to provide consulting services from the idea all the way to the market. Every project starts with a discovery phase. After a detailed business analysis we present you with a variety of recommendations, guiding you on choosing technologies, planning strategies, end-to-end implementation, integration, optimization, ongoing support (even after launch).

Any sector, any software development need. We offer comprehensive services, support and technical knowledge to partners in the most innovative industries.

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