5 things you come across while onboarding

Onboarding is a process of accustoming new team members into the company. It’s an essential process for us in Macopedia, therefore we pay attention not only to introducing people to technical topics. Getting to know people, comfort and a sense of security are equally important. Onboarding which is well conducted gives tremendous satisfaction to all the people engaged  and facilitates creating a friendly atmosphere in which we take care of one another. 

Are you interested to see what  onboarding looks like  in our company? You’re going to read about its 5 key elements below:

Pre-onboarding which prepares you for your first day

Changing a job is, undoubtedly, a stressful experience: new faces, tasks, processes and technologies, and most of all new working culture and standards. The number of new things may make you giddy! That’s why we created pre-onboarding - the meeting of a new employee and their new leader. The meetings start from the moment of signing the contract and their frequency and length depend on the new employee’s availability and their notice period in the old workplace. We prepare a tailor-made pre-onboarding program which makes starting a job in our company much more pleasant and less stressful. Thanks to it you have a chance to get to know your future coworkers, technology and the way of work before your first day. It’s also a chance for your leader to get to know you better and prepare team members for your appearance. It helps to plan the target onboarding: during the first month you  have hands-on sessions and depending on the needs, technical training. 

In my opinion for a conscious company employee onboarding starts with the recruitment process. It gives you the possibility to get to know the company character. I was positively surprised to see that what Macopedia does as the first thing is listening. During my job interview I was presented the requirements and expectations for my position and I was asked what instruments  I will need to meet them (training, literature, devices and software). On my first day at work everything was waiting for me. I knew what to expect, which helped me avoid stress and getting accustomed to company structure turned out to be  just a formality”. - Thomas, Project Manager

A welcoming mail to the team  - everybody wants to meet you

Before your first day you  get an email from us with questions - about your favourite technologies, the most important skills, passions, hobbies, family and some fun facts from your life. Of course you don’t have to answer all of them if you don’t feel like it - we understand it. If, however, you decide to respond, it will help us prepare an email about you to the whole  team. It will help us get to know you better. It is particularly important in the time of pandemic during which a long time may intervene  before we meet in person. No matter if you are among cat lovers, cyclists or jazz fans - you have big chances to find people with similar interests here.

Because of the pandemic my onboarding was 100% remote. I was impressed I didn’t feel it at all. It’s great that before I started I had the meetings with my prospective leader, which helped me get into the whole process and not feel I was thrown in at the deep end. New people in Maco receive a very warm welcome thanks to which I didn’t experience the fear  that I was entering a new company and new people”. - Maciej Odoo Developer

Your first day - welcome on board!

We plan your first day in Macopedia long before you start. You receive the plan of it in advance as well so nothing will surprise you. There are a few meetings scheduled for you on this day. You start with Agata or Barbara from our HR team,  you will remember them from your recruitment process and organizing  formal aspects related to the employment process. You learn the basic principles of our cooperation,  get access to all necessary instruments, tour the office and you are introduced to team members. Next, you are given time to set up your equipment , log into your business mail and check access codes. You get a special onboarding table onto your email which visualizes the whole process in a very transparent way. The table allows us to move tasks between the columns so that you can clearly see which onboarding stage you are currently at. Next you meet your technical leader (who you already know from your pre-onboarding process) ond a Project Manager who leads you into project meaners and the workflow. The meeting with the PM is important as our new team members quickly begin to work with realistic project tasks. We want our onboarding to be as hands-on as possible, the least boring and theoretical - usually it’s the second day when developers put their first commits on the testing server. Our HR team prepared MACO welcome pack for you. It consists of small gifts which will make your day  less stressful and really valuable and memorable. 

Onboarding in Macopedia really surprised me. Remote recruitment process, because of the pandemic, didn’t allow  us for direct contact so I joined the company  with a lot of curiosity. The smile of the HR Manager waiting for me, key information which I received during the meeting, a prepared workstation with the welcome pack and a clear and transparent plan of accustoming was an extremely positive experience. “ - Kasia, Performance Marketing Manager

First 1:1 meeting - you are a team member

During your first two weeks in Macopedia you have the first 1:1 meeting. Cyclical 1:1 meetings are a chance for team members to talk with their technical leader. Their purpose is to give reciprocal feedback and support in problem solving and development. It is also the best time to build relationships with the leader so that everybody feels taken care of and knows that they can share all their successes and difficulties with the leader. During the first meetings we talk about your expectations and feelings related to the recruitment process and onboarding. Not only do we want to improve these processes based on your feedback, but also make sure that you feel as a needed and important team member. More about 1:1 can be read here.

I see onboarding in Maco as a very thoughtful process. Everything was shown to me step by step so I could feel at home quickly without troubles” - Przemek, Frontend Developer

Summing up the trial period and making a decision about further cooperation 

During the trial period we try our best to help a new person feel comfortable in a team and develop their skills according to the basic goals. We observe their work and give feedback on an ongoing basis so that they can get familiar with our standards and adjust to them. Receiving regular feedback gives security as you always know what you should work on. The decision about further cooperation is made based on the feedback from you, your leader, Project Manager, the team and sometimes from the client as well. Continuing the cooperation with you we pay attention not only to technical skills but to soft skills too. It’s vital for us to see whether you are a responsible and reliable person as we want to be surrounded by people we can really depend on. 

Sounds good? If you can’t wait Maco onboarding, take a look at Macopedia Career and find a job offer tailor-made for you!