5 things you come across while onboarding

5 things you come across while onboarding

Onboarding is the process of integrating new team members into a company. At Macopedia, we consider this process crucial, focusing not only on technical aspects but also on fostering a sense of team camaraderie, comfort, and security for new members. A well-executed onboarding not only brings satisfaction to everyone involved but also contributes to creating a friendly atmosphere where mutual care is emphasized.

Key Elements of Macopedia's Onboarding Process:

Pre-Onboarding: Preparation before the First Day

Recognizing that changing jobs can be a stressful experience, Macopedia has introduced pre-onboarding activities. These include meetings with future team leaders, providing information about significant events in Macopedia, and sharing a detailed schedule for the first day. The pre-onboarding process begins upon signing the contract, with the frequency and duration tailored to the candidate's notice period and availability.

Individualized pre-onboarding programs help to make the beginning of a new job more enjoyable and less stressful. It allows new hires to familiarize themselves with future colleagues, technologies, and work processes before their official first day.

"In my opinion, for a conscious company, onboarding begins during the recruitment process. This is when you can get to know the company's character." - Tomasz, Project Manager

Welcome Email to the Team: Getting to Know You

Before the first day, new hires receive an email containing questions about their favorite technologies, essential skills, hobbies, family, and interesting facts about themselves. While not mandatory, providing answers gives Macopedia the basis to craft an introduction email addressed to the entire team. This helps create a sense of familiarity among team members, especially valuable in times of remote work.

"Due to the pandemic, my onboarding was entirely remote. I was impressed that I didn't feel it at all." - Maciej, Odoo Developer

Your First Day - Welcome Aboard!

Macopedia plans the first day well in advance, ensuring that new hires are informed about the schedule beforehand. The day includes meetings with HR, configuration of equipment, access setup, and an onboarding board in the email inbox, visually representing the onboarding process. New team members also meet with the Technological Leader and Project Manager, providing insights into project workflows.

"Our HR Manager's smile, crucial information shared during the meeting, a prepared workspace with a welcome pack - it was a very positive experience for me." - Kasia, Performance Marketing Manager

Entry Interview: Reflecting on Onboarding

After the first month, a meeting with Nikola, the People & Culture Manager, takes place. This interview focuses on gathering feedback about the recruitment and onboarding processes, aiming to improve these processes based on the new hire's experience.

First 1:1 Meetings: Becoming a Team Member

During the initial two weeks, new hires have one-on-one meetings with their technological leaders. These sessions provide an opportunity for mutual feedback, support, and problem-solving. Building a relationship with the leader fosters a sense of care and encourages open communication about successes and challenges.

"Onboarding at Maco is a well-thought-out process. Everything was presented step by step, making it easy for me to adapt to the new situation." - Przemek, Frontend Developer

Probationary Period Review and Extension Decision

Throughout the probationary period, efforts are made to ensure the new team member feels comfortable and develops skills aligned with set goals. Regular feedback is provided to maintain a sense of security. The decision to extend collaboration is based on feedback from the new hire, the leader, the Project Manager, the team, and sometimes the client. Technical skills and soft skills, such as responsibility and trustworthiness, are crucial considerations for Macopedia.

In conclusion, Macopedia's onboarding process is designed to be thorough, supportive, and focused on both technical and interpersonal aspects. The goal is to create a positive and lasting experience for new team members. If you're eager to experience Maco onboarding, visit Macopedia Career and find a job offer tailored to your needs!