It’s no overstatement to say that PWA technology is the future of mobile commerce. Progressive Web Apps are websites that provide the experience of a native app. They’re fast, stable and engaging, yet they don’t take much storage space on users’ devices. On top of that, they’re relatively simple to build.

Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce

Choosing Vue Storefront is a great way to experience the benefits of PWA for eCommerce. It’s a proven technology that’s ready to be integrated with your existing eCommerce ecosystem.

Adding a PWA storefront to your business makes it feel much more lightweight and fast on mobile devices. Providing a convenient mobile shopping experience gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Instant access to your eCommerce

    PWAs are easy to install and can be quickly accessed via a home screen icon.

  • Superior customer experience

    Uninterrupted browsing experience even when there’s no Internet connection.

  • Higher engagement

    Fast loading, smooth browsing and timely push notifications drive customer engagement up.

  • Platform-agnostic PWA

    Choose your eCommerce platform

    Vue Storefront works with any eCommerce platform (e.g. Magento or Sylius). It’s an API-based connection, so your store’s backend can be changed independently anytime.

  • Active Community

    Delight your customers

    Vue Storefront is the #1 open source PWA for eCommerce with a thriving community of developers working with it every day.

  • Certified developers

    You’re working with experts

    Macopedia is a Core Partner of Vue Storefront. We’re proud to be a major contributor to a leading PWA for eCommerce solution.