Digital Ecosystem Analysis

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Whether you ask us to build upon your current software or create something from scratch, you’re future product will not exist in isolation. There’s a whole ecosystem behind it: from platforms it needs to be integrated with, to the daily logistics of your business.

At this stage, we’ll carefully analyze the current state of your platform and explore different options for creating a smoothly-running operation. We’ll design the tech structure of your product, verify potential integrations and plan for fitting it seamlessly into your ecosystem.

This step is of utmost importance for eCommerces, where we have to figure out a network of multiple components (ERP, CRM, PIM, payments, accounting etc) but any customer-facing app will benefit from such an analysis. While the scope of this stage will depend on the complexity of your business ecosystem, it’s essential to create a good plan and design software architecture before any code is written.

Digital Ecosystem Analysis

Infrastructure & Systems Audit

We start things off from auditing your current ecosystem: your website and any digital tools you’re using to run your business. If we’re tasked with building upon an existing infrastructure, we need to come up with optimal ways of connecting the old with the new.

Product Database

A coherent structure of your database is extremely important for maintaining it in the future. We’ll discuss the way of describing your inventory and agree on product attributes and how to group them into categories. Our job is to recommend a viable way of structuring your product catalog.

Product Information Management

Our PMs’ dedication and skills are reflected in the regular praise they receive from clients. Project Managers know you product’s requirements inside out and make sure that the project is delivered successfully. They’re able to step up and support you in the Product Owner role if needed.

Ecommerce Logistics

Moving from retail to digital and omnichannel, you have to be prepared for a new scale of operations. Together with our partners from Allwins, we’ll analyze the current state of your business’ logistics and provide recommendations for efficient warehouse management, controlling the inventory or shipping strategy.