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Whether you ask us to build upon your current software or create something from scratch, you’re future product will not exist in isolation. There’s a whole ecosystem behind it: from platforms it needs to be integrated with, to the daily logistics of your business.

At this stage, we’ll carefully analyze the current state of your platform and explore different options for creating a smoothly-running operation. We’ll design the tech structure of your product, verify potential integrations and plan for fitting it seamlessly into your ecosystem.

This step is of utmost importance for eCommerces, where we have to figure out a network of multiple components (ERP, CRM, PIM, payments, accounting etc) but any customer-facing app will benefit from such an analysis. While the scope of this stage will depend on the complexity of your business ecosystem, it’s essential to create a good plan and design software architecture before any code is written.

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It’s hard to imagine a B2B or B2C app without integrations. Web analytics, transactional emails, payment operations–you name it. We’ve worked with hundreds of different integrations, so we can recommend reliable apps and feasible ways to connect them.

API & Microservices

The microservice software architecture means that your system is divided into smaller, independent services. As a result, your product is more flexible, scalable and maintainable. At this stage, we’ll design a structure of those microservices and APIs that make them communicate with each other.

SEO Audit & Strategy

Visibility in search engines, a priority for any digital products, can be boosted as early as during the development stage. We’ll perform a SEO audit of your current platform and prepare a plan for covering all of the technical SEO bases. The plan is to maximize your website’s findability from the get-go.

Business Ecosystem Consulting

Navigating your way through a complex network of digital tools can be a major challenge, regardless of your role. We’re here to help you figure it out and find the best solutions for both: your digital product and the processes around it.

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