Magento 2 + Ceneo module is a price comparison site that allows millions of people to find the best deals on products they’re looking for. Ceneo generates highly engaged leads for 18k eCommerces in Poland.

Comparing prices, however, is not the only feature of Ceneo. Currently, people can purchase items directly from the website, without having to enter the store. We’ve developed a module that allows you to integrate your eCommerce with Ceneo and drive sales with its Buy now option.

Ceneo and Magento2 module_ open source Magento

Generate sales from a new channel

Consumers enjoy the simplified shopping experience that Ceneo offers. Not only is it faster, but it also allows them to purchase items from several eCommerces at once. As an eCommerce owner, you can use Ceneo as a new channel to grow sales. We’ve created a module that allows you to integrate Magento 2 with Ceneo. You can manage Ceneo orders within your Magento dashboard.

Magento 2 + Ceneo integration will be published on Github as an open-source project. Want to gain an early access to this module? Get in touch!

  • Superior customer experience

    Fast and simple purchase path for your clients.

  • One dashboard for multiple sales channels

    Manage your Ceneo orders using your Magento dashboard.

  • Control your inventory

    Inventory levels will be synced between Magento and Ceneo.

  • We’ve built this!

    Partner with eCommerce experts

    Ceneo & Magento 2 integration has been built at Macopedia. If you want to have a significant influence on this module’s roadmap and access to its newest features, become an eCommerce partner of this integration. Drop us a line here.

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