thorough testing and smooth delivery

Creating quality software is based on established procedures that allow us to take the surprise element out of the equation. We reduce the risk of unexpected problems by running a series of tests, both automatic and manual, throughout the development of any feature. Our delivery process is predictable, as we follow DevOps best practices and utilize the most reliable tools. What’s in it for your customers? New features are shipped fast and they’re of excellent quality.

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Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process starts early: we’re evaluating potential difficulties when planning the development of your product. Later on, as code is being written, we test individual snippets as well as complete features.

Automated Testing

Software testing is an integral part of our development process. Our programmers write unit tests that verify the performance of different components of their code. When these tests are passed, they combine units into larger groups for integration testing, making sure that they work well together.

Manual Functional Testing

All elements of your product are manually verified against the requirements before they’re greenlit for production. Acceptance testing helps us make sure that the product is not only functional, but also exactly what we agreed on during the design stage.

Load Testing

Something that needs to be tested before your product is launched, is how it behaves when hundreds or thousands of people are using it at the same time. Such scenarios can be simulated during load testing which helps us prepare your app for any traffic peaks.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) means that developers merge their code with the shared branch regularly, usually a couple of times per day. Such integrations are then tested with an automated build, so if there’s an issue, we know about it right away. This approach saves a lot of debugging time and makes the delivery process smoother.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment (CD) is yet another practice of a lean DevOps process. The main premise of CD is that, once a feature has passed its acceptance test, it’s automatically deployed to production. There are two main benefits of this process. Firstly, your customers receive a steady stream of improvements, without having to wait for a big bang release. Secondly, the development process is less risky and faster, as there’s no need to pause everything for releases.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based infrastructure is reliable and very flexible. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to create an ecosystem for your app that is secure and allows for simple deployments.

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