Agile Project Management

keeping the project under control

Managing the project is a crucial aspect of successfully delivering digital products. Time and time again, effective project management helped us to meet tight deadlines, successfully deliver concept-to-product projects, and maintain a great relationship with our clients in the process.
We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to project management. We understand the advantages of utilizing Scrum in software development, but we’ve learned how to tailor its principles to different cases.

Agile Project Management

Our Approach to Agile & Scrum

We come with strong theoretical background and plenty of PM experience, so we’re able to propose an approach that is well suited to your product and your business needs. We rely on transparent communication: regular status calls allow everyone to be on the same page. It’s all about a client-team understanding, otherwise the process may turn out to be less than effective.

Scrum Workshops

Seeing the effectiveness of our Scrum-based approach, some of our clients decide to implement it in their internal projects. If you feel that you or your team could benefit from embracing this powerful methodology, we’re ready to guide you through the process.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our PMs’ dedication and skills are reflected in the regular praise they receive from clients. Project Managers know you product’s requirements inside out and make sure that the project is delivered successfully. They’re able to step up and support you in the Product Owner role if needed.

Agile Software Teams

When allocating a team to your project, we take into account their technical expertise and experience with similar products. You end up with a cross-skilled team of engineers who genuinely care about your project and its quality.

Backlog Management

In a true agile fashion, we depend on a product backlog to prioritize and plan our work. The backlog itself often evolves throughout the project, so it needs to be properly managed to prevent confusion. We’re using JIRA to store and manage your project’s backlog, maintaining full transparency about the actual progress of work.

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