Product Discovery and scoping

aligning your business goals with your audience’s needs

Whether you want to create a new digital product or expand an existing one, product discovery is vital to your project’s success. During this stage we make sure that we’re about to build something valuable to the target audience.

The discovery phase is all about empathy: we’re trying to see the product through your customers’ eyes. With that insight, we can challenge our initial ideas and find the right solutions. Evaluating your product early, before you commit time and resources to implement it, greatly reduces the risk of launching any new product.

This is why product discovery workshop became a standard element of our product development process.

Products Discovery

User Personas

In order to create a truly customer-centric product, we need to answer the critical question: who is your customer? We’ll use data to build a representation of your target group: buyer personas and understand your audience’s needs, behavior and choices.

Design Thinking

During our product discovery workshop we’ll be utilizing different techniques (brainstorming, prototyping, testing and experimenting) to generate and evaluate different concepts. Our approach to shaping human-centered products is based on design thinking (and a lot of sticky notes).

Design thinking is a creative process, but it’s an insight-driven creativity: once we really understand the customer, we can come up with plenty of fresh ideas that are actually relevant to the audience.

Design Sprint

The design sprint, pioneered by Google Ventures, is a framework for answering business questions in five days. Rooted in design thinking principles, it is one of our favorite approaches to product ideation and evaluation.

Scoping Session

Once we have a pretty good idea of what we need to build, it’s time to think about how. Scoping sessions allow us to use our experience and figure out the best tech solutions for your project. We’ll look at all elements of your future product, and map out an optimal strategy of implementing it. On top of that, you’ll get a ballpark estimation of your project’s budget and timeline.

MVP & Product Roadmap

At the end of product discovery phase, we’ll have an understanding of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the direction of your project over time (Product Roadmap). You’ll know what actually needs to be implemented in order to satisfy your customers. Thanks to discovery workshops, we won’t be wasting time on unnecessary bells and whistles, but instead focusing on a set of features that solves real users’ problems.

Technical Consulting

Make use of consulting services, if your product idea is not yet at the “I want to build it” level. We’ll help you understand different technical possibilities and limitations. Pick our brains about eCommerce implementation, progressive web apps or back office systems. Schedule a consulting session here .

Digital Transformation Workshop (+ All wins)

It is often the case that, while part of a company is operating at the forefront of innovation, the organization as a whole hasn’t fully embraced the idea of going digital. We’re supporting our clients in this challenging journey by organizing digital transformation workshop with our friends at Allwins .

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