Macopedia sp. z o. o. Newsletter service Terms and Conditions effective from January 1, 2022

I. General provisions. 

  1. The Newsletter service is rendered by Macopedia sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Poznań (60-529). ul. Dąbrowskiego 79a, Tax Identification Number [NIP]: 7811877841, REGON: 302076699, entered in the National Court Register of the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Economic Division of the National Court Register under number:  0000416744,  e-mail:
  2. Terms and Conditions set forth the rules of rendering the Newsletter service by us, its activation and deactivation and the complaint procedure with respect to persons using Service (“Users”). 
  3. We render the Newsletter service by electronic means in line with Terms and Conditions via website (hereinafter referred to as ”Website”).
  4. Terms and Conditions are available free of charge on Website in the form enabling it to be obtained, opened and recorded. Any person may read Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to Terms and Conditions you conclude a Macopedia sp. z o.o. Newsletter service agreement. 
  5. By agreeing to Terms and Conditions you agree to the provisions hereof and make a statement on the knowledge of the content hereof.  
  6. You may not provide unlawful content, including without limitation the provision of data of other persons without their consent in the Newsletter service subscription form.

II. Object of the Newsletter service.

  1. We render the Newsletter service by electronic means which consists in sending information with content related to us, i.e. Macopedia sp. z o.o, including content related to customer service, commercial and marketing content, and specifically  related to the products and services offered and provided by us – in the form of an electronic letter sent via email to the email address indicated by you.
  2. The Newsletter service is provided free of charge for an indefinite time period. 
  3. Using the Newsletter service is voluntary.
  4. The Newsletter contains our informational, promotional or advertising content. The graphics and the Newsletter service content are subject to author’s economic rights or other rights enjoyed by Macopedia sp. z o.o. or third parties and are protected by law. Any copying, or modifying thereof or using them against their intended use and/or without our consent may constitute breach of law.

III. Newsletter service activation and deactivation. 

  1. User subscribes to the Newsletter in order to activate the Newsletter service. 
  2. In order to subscribe to the Newsletter, you are required to:
  1. use a device with the Internet access and the installed and properly configured current Internet browser version; 
  2. fill in an electronic form at: ………   - by entering User’s email address  to which a Newsletter will be sent;
  3. make a statement of having read and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions by checking box ”I have read and agree to the Newsletter Terms and Conditions;” 
  4. send the form by clicking “Sign up;” and
  5. have an active email address.
  1. Information with a Newsletter Service subscription activation link will be sent to the email indicated when registering. You will be entered into the list of the Newsletter subscribers on condition you activate your subscription through the received activation link reading ”Please confirm your email address.”
  2. Along with an activation link, User will receive a link enabling User to indicate the Newsletter subject matter User is most interested in – you may select your preferences by clicking link ”Manage your  email preferences.”
  3. You may deactivate the Newsletter Service at any time, which means terminating the Newsletter service agreement with immediate effect.
  4.  In order to deactivate the Newsletter Service you need to click a link reading ”Unsubscribe” on the page (footer) of the Newsletter or send an email to: …………….
  5. The Newsletter Service may be deactivated also on our initiative if you fail to comply with the obligtaions hereof.
  6. Upon the deactivation of the Newsletter subscription, we discontinue to send the Newsletter to an email address (indicated in the registration form).
  7. You may sign up once again for the Newsletter Service at any time by resubscribing to the Newsletter (see 2 above). 

IV. Complaints. 

  1. You may file complaints related to the Newsletter operation by post to the following address: Macopedia sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Poznań (60-529). ul. Dąbrowskiego 79a or by electronic means via
  2. A complaint shall include:
  1. personal data of the person filing a complaint, necessary to receive a reply to a complaint, and
  2. a description of irregularities of Service and expectations of the solution thereto.
  1.  We will handle complaints immediately after we receive them. We will notify the person filing a complaint of the decision regarding the complaint without delay by sending an email or by registered post in both cases to the address indicated in the complaint. 

V. Personal Data. 

  1. The Controller of the personal data of Newsletter Service Users is: Macopedia sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Poznań (60-529). ul. Dąbrowskiego 79a, NIP:7811877841, REGON: 302076699, entered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, Economic Division of the National Court Register under number: 0000416744, .
  2. You may contact us in the following ways:
  1. via email: or
  2. by post to: Macopedia sp. z o. o. (60-529 Poznań), ul. Dąbrowskiego 79a.
  1. Processing purposes and grounds.

We will process your data to send the subscribed Newsletter by virtue of a Newsletter service agreement concluded by and between us in line with these Terms and Conditions. The agreement is concluded with us by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and indicating an email address (sec. 6(1)(b) of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, hereinafter referred to as “RODO”).

  1.  Personal Data recipients.

We may share your data with the following categories of entities:

a) subcontractors, i.e. entities whose services we use when processing data and with which we have personal data processing entrustment agreements in place: e.g. 

  • providers of a Newsletter service programme; 
  • providers of an application package for companies, including electronic mail; and
  • hosting provider and entities providing IT support services for us; and
  1. entities to which we are entitled to transfer your data by applicable law.

 The detailed list of data recipients is available on request.

  1. Transferring data outside the European Economic Area.

Due to the technical solutions applied while processing the Newsletter service Users’ personal data, including cloud, email, CRMs, solutions supporting forms placed on a website and its other functions, your Personal Data processed by us may be transferred to a third country, i.e. a country which is not a member of the European Economic Area (EEA).  

We at all times inform of the intention to transfer personal data outside the EEA upon the collection thereof. The level of the Personal Data protection outside the European Economic Area differs from the level ensured by European law. Due to the above, we transfer Personal Data outside the EEA only when it is necessary and after we ensure an adequate Data protection level.

In addition, we inform that in connection with the usage of the said tools your Data may be transferred to the United States of America. At present, the USA is not subject to the European Commission decision on an adequate level of Personal Data protection – in line with the European law standard. In view of the lack of adequate safeguards, there is a risk of inadequate protection of Personal Data collected by the said tools, including the risk of American public authorities having access thereto. Such situation may result in the restriction of your rights related to Personal Data protection which you shall enjoy by the European Union law.

Upon each transfer we act with due care so that we ensure an adequate level of Personal Data protection (safeguards) by virtue of legal mechanisms provided for in RODO, specifically we care that the transer be based on:

▪ the European Commission decision on an adequate protection level (in the case of countries with respect to which such decision was issued);

▪ binding corporate rules approved of by a competent supervisory body; and

▪ standard contractual clauses approved of by the European Commission.

Data may be transferred also irrespective of our failure to apply legal mechanisms securing Personal Data processing outside the EEA.

You may contact us to obtain detailed information on Personal Data transfer outside the European Economic Area, including copies of safeguards.   

  1. Duration of data storage.

Your data will be processed for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the said processing purposes, i.e. for the time necessary to provide the Newsletter Service, but no longer than until you unsubscribe from the Newsletter or we discontinue to issue the Newsletter.

  1. Rights of data subjects.

Under RODO, you have the right to:

a)    access your data and receive copies thereof;
b)    correct your data;
c)    remove your personal data;
d)    restrict your data;
e)    transfer your data; and 

f)    file a complaint –  if you assume that the processing is in breach of RODO, you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory body both in Poland (with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, info line: 606 950 000), and in the Member State of your habitual residence, your place of work, or of the alleged breach.

  1. Tracking Newsletter.

We inform that the technique used when sending newsletters enables us to determine if and when you opened an email and which links in such email you activated. Such information is recorded by the Newsletter Service system and analysed by us to optimize the subject matter of the Newsletter and better adjust the subject matter of future newsletters to the Users’ interests. The above function of the Newsletter service will not result in your personal data entered in the contact form and interactions with the content of the sent Newsletter being subject to a decision (including profiling) which is solely based on automated processing and results in legal effects towards you or affects you materially in other similar way.

  1. Notice of the requirement to provide data.

You may provide personal data voluntarily, however, by failing to enter your email address you will not be able to subscribe to the Newsletter.

  1. Privacy policy.
  1. We use technical and organisational measures in order to secure the collected personal data against unauthorised access or improper use by unauthorised persons in the best possible way.
  2. We update the used technical measures with the development of new technologies, needs and available security means. The organisational measures that we use ensure that only the persons authorized by us have access to your personal data.
  3. The rules of data processing on Website are specified in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.